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When is your Summer Shutdown

When is your summer shutdown is something we hear every year. It is lovely that our valued customers recognise that, after working hard, we need to close production and the office down for a short period each year. Family time and rest & relaxation is as important in this busy world. Getting out and walking our dog without thinking about the Staglers that need dispatching is always a hard call for us!

So what do you need to know.

LAST ORDERS ARE at 12 on Monday 9th July  

All orders place for Staglers between Tuesday 10th July and Wednesday 25th July will be dispatched on Thursday 26th July

We appreciate your patience and thank you for your loyal custom so far this year.

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We improve as people if we take time out

Does this sound all too familiar? Juggling, running a home, looking after the children,


being taxi service, making appointments, keeping appointments, giving your work you best, socializing as well as the constant emails, apps, to-do lists and the other distractions from quality family time. We want to put down the phone, i-pad or computer and walk away from technology for a little while. It is recognized that when we slow down from the busy pace of life,

Not many questions in business have simple answers, but this one does. Unless there’s some specific reason your business can’t close Christmas week, it should. Here’s why:

Here’s why:

1. We want to be more productive.

There’s ample evidence that people who take regular vacations are both more engaged at work and get more done. Coming back to work with a relaxed mind gives you the opportunity to bring in new ideas.

2. Avoiding burn out at all costs

You don’t need statistics to tell you that a burned-out person who’s unhappy at work is less fun to be around than a relaxed, happy, enthusiastic one. Sure enough, the Take Back Your Time survey confirms that those who take few short breaks or holidays are harder to work with than those who vacation annually.

3. Our cultural approach

We recognise that  a well earned break is a given not something you should have to fight f


4. Your home life will improve.

It seems pretty self-evident that taking a holiday is good for your work-life balance, and will strengthen relationships that may be under pressure if you have a heavy work schedule, as so many entrepreneurs do. It is a known fact that if you take an annual break you re-ignite the strong family bond and can have conversations or play cards again without the TV or Playstation!
And 80 percent of vacationers reported increased romance in their relationships as well.

5. You’ll live longer.

Taking regular vacations will help you avoid a whole list of medical issues, including depression, according to Leigh Vinocur, MD, who has studied the health effects of relaxation. It’s one reason more than half of those who take annual breaks rate their own health as good or very good. Not only that, research shows that men who take “take the pressure off” more than once a year cut their risk of heart disease by 30 percent, and womenmore than once a year cut their risk by 50 percent.

6. You’ll be happier.

For de Graaf, this is the bottom line. “My strongest memories of childhood come from the two-week vacations my parents took me on-the Seattle World’s Fair, National Parks, Disneyland, a little resort in Clear Lake in California. I feel like I remember every detail,” he explains when I ask why he cares so much about people taking vacations.

When he began researching the topic, he learned that he is not alone, and that many people’s strongest childhood memories come from vacation times. Then, he says, “I got involved in the international happiness movement and learned that psychologists have discovered that experiences like vacations bring more long-lasting satisfaction than material goods. And that people who vacation are much more likely to say they are happy than those who don’t.”

And really, whatever our business, however hard we do or don’t work, isn’t that ultimately all any of us wants-to be happier? So we should all make sure to take vacations because-besides all their other benefits-they’ve been scientifically proven to do just that.

7.We will improve productivity & have new ideas for you and your dog treats, moving forward

Of course you may already be on summer break or holiday too, If not we hope we have inspired you to look our that last minute bargain break! Do it today.



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