Staglers deer antler dog chew dog size comparison chart

What’s Best Size Antler Chew For My Dog?

What’s Best Size Antler Chew For My Dog? or Puppy?

It is important to us that we help you choose the right chew for your furry friend. The guide below is a true representation of matching chew size with breed.

Staglers deer antler dog chew dog size comparison chart


How Do I decide between split antler and original antler?

Lazy Dog Split Chews: Perfect if your dog has never tried natural antler chews or a certain age, for instance.

Lazy antlers make a better choice for your dog if they are new to antler chews because I have sawn down the middle of an original chew to expose the soft marrow.

Especially preferred by:Staglers 100% Natural Deer Antler Split Lazy Dog Chew -natural healthy teeth cleaning pet treat

  • If you have a puppy from 10 weeks, it’s a way to relieve teething pain that might be caused by incoming adult teeth.
  • For older dogs, it’s nature’s way of keeping the muscles in their jaws strong and teeth clean.

You can get your lazy dog chew here 🙂

What is a whole deer antler dog chew?

Stagler Dog chewsThe original chew is preferred by all dogs that have their adult teeth. The whole antler is cut into certain weights, and shapes according to the breed of your dog.

You can read more about this on our Blog page.

You can get your Original Staglers dog chew here 🙂

Who does really big antler dog chews?

Staglers New 9 inch Deer Antler Tough Dog Chew
Staglers New 9 inch Deer Antler Tough Dog Chew

We do! We guarantee 9″ and 12″ chews for the really big dogs, as they deserve a dog treat too!

You can get your Big Dog Staglers dog chew here 🙂


Still unsure which chew to choose?

However, we do recognise you may still be uncertain before committing to buy your first chew. As “doggie parents” we understand you want to get it right.

So we have 2 things that can help you!

1 Before you buy I offer a free JUST ASK JOHN service. Email me or pop a message on Facebook

2. When you make your purchase, I will review your Checkout Field* with the additional information you have added to see if your choice matches your dog’s breed etc. If not I may even give you a quick call/email before I post out a chew.

*Check out field built into our website.

  • Size of your dog/puppy
  • Age of your dog or age of your puppy
  • Chewing behaviour (in other words what is your dog’s favourite habit!)

“I’ve been considering getting an antler chew for our our dog for some time as she destroys everything we give her. After listening to your interview on radio Solent I was very impressed with you ethos and your company.”

When Customer Service Really Delivers

It is part of our ethos and values that means that we are all about your dog, but customer service starts with you.

For more info check out my blog.

How do I choose the Best Dog Chew for my dog?



What’s Best Size Antler Chew For My Dog?