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Matching Pair of Antler Chews for matching labradors!
Hi John and team,
My delivery of two coronets arrived today and a great big THANK YOU for the matching pair!
My sanity has been restored!
Guinness and Diesel are still slightly confused that they both now have nothing to argue about.
Brilliant service… I have tried to photograph the troublemakers but can only get one at a time in shot!
Many thanks again.

dog with staglers dog chew labrador dog with staglers antler dog chew


Breed: Labrador

Product: Staglers Deer Antler Dog Chew – Crafty Coronets

Dog Owners Praise Staglers Antler Chews. Recently we have received
“I have bought from you before and find antlers are good quality and dogs love them.”  Dog Breed: French Bulldog Cross
“Regular Customer, dogs very satisfied” Dog Breed: Labrador
“Your products look healthy and labeled well for a gift” Dog Breed Cavapoo
“Our rescue dog absolutely loved your Stagler Chew”  Dog Breed: Terrier X

Black Russian Bad Breath Gone

“I’ve got to tell you all I recommended the 12inch ones to my friend who had 2 massive Black Russian dogs. Well one of them suffered from gingivitis. After 2 days his gum disease had cleared up as well as his bad breath. The vet couldn’t believe it. These antler chews are the best quality you can buy and they last forever. A fantastic buy they even save on vet bills” Thanks so much, Lyn

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    Staglers HUGE 12" Dog Chew
    Designed for BIG dogs only

Lyn H

Breed: Black Russian Terriers - Massive Ones

Product: Jawsome 12 inch Deer Antler Dog Chew

Vet Praises Staglers Antler Dog Chews.

“Both Charlie and George love the antlers. Our vet says they both have very healthy teeth and gums from using Staglers, especially for their age 8 & 9″  Thanks so much for forwarding your great comments.

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Hi, I have bought from you before. Staglers are far superior to any others I can find on the Market!

From G who has Leonbergers

Bought Staglers 100% Natural Deer Antler Lazy Dog Chew – Large

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  • Jawsome 9″

Excellent Antlers, my dog absolutely loves them and I wouldn’t buy them from anywhere else, their customer service is outstanding

Staglers: We love to look after you and your ‘Best Friend’. Thanks for reviewing us on Facebook


Thanks for the prompt service, as usual. Dogs very happy! See attached below to Foster Dog Jamie with Staglers Dog Chew These are really fab chews! Happy with a Staglers Dog Chewread. New foster dog Jamie with Sam and Rhonni on the green bed.


Breed: German Shepherd

Product: Staglers 100% Natural Deer Antler Lazy Dog Chew – Large

Dogs love Staglers chews they make short work of most things and although a bit more expensive Staglers definitely last so great value for money!

Lyndsey - Staglers

All 7 of our dogs loved Staglers Antlers from a an early age , which is why they don’t have any dental problems ! Clean teeth & no smelly breath !!

Wendy - Staglers

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