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What is the best chew for my dogs?

Spaniel with stagers split lazy dog chew

What is the best chew for my dogs? In our world it is something that all responsible, loving dog owners should considerfree orange tick for staglers blogs

  • natural
  • NOT full of man-made chemicals
  • don’t stink the house out
  • or leave sticky blobs on the carpet

Labrador Loves Staglers Deer Antler Dog Chew








Do You Have A Dog Who Adores Chewing!

Many dogs enjoy chewy dog treats, and they can be used in a number of ways and circumstances. Firstly, some breeds in particular such as Bulldogs, German Shepherd Dogs, Labradors, Retrievers and Staffies, to name just a few are prolific chewers by nature and will enjoy chewing on all anything they can get their paws on, how many bright yellow tennis balls have been obliterated?

Are you tired of Dental Dog Treats being gleefully received by your furry friend then gone in less than 5 minutes?

You may have experience that left to their own devices, dogs are great at finding the corner of your sofa, shoes or slippers, their dog bed or your favourite thing you have forgotten to put in a high place.

Border Terrier looking at new shoes





Pippa (our daughter) recently bought new sandals which Dodger found insanely attractive! (They are back in their box up high in the wardrobe because the temptation would be too delicious!)

Giving such dogs a dog chew treat will give them something tasty to gnaw on whilst diverting their attention away from the soft furnishings!

jack russell terrier puppy with staglers Lazy Dog split deer antler Chew

What is the best chew for dogs that are bored?

The best way to keep your dog occupied are brilliantly long lasting chewy treats for dogs. It is really this simple and we have the deer antler that is naturally shed and the perfect solution. Brilliant  if you need to leave them alone for a little while, so that they don’t get bored. *

Bulldog with huge deer antler dog chew from Staglers.

What are The Benefits of Dog Chews?

Dog Chews can also be beneficial to your dog’s dental health. Keeping your pup’s teeth healthy is really important so finding dog chews with dental care properties can be a really practical way to help clean their teeth and prevent  damaging plaque.

Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable

Dog chews don’t come much more natural than deer antler unless you are buying fish products, but boy do they stink!

  1. Humane – Antlers are naturally shed, dropped by the fit and healthy deer after mating season so cruelty-free and no harm to the animal.
  2. Sustainable – Ideal for animal lovers! Because they grow new antlers every year.
  3. Totally 100% Natural – Simply collected, cleaned and cut means they contain no potentially harmful artificial ingredients

Food For Thought

Did you know deer antler is THE tasty nutritional treat for your dog’s needs – Antlers are packed full of healthy minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and phosphorus****

German Shepherd dogs with Staglers deer antler dog chews

Long-lasting means a treat that is great long-term value on your pocket!

  1. Long-Lasting – The correct size antler matched to your dog will last weeks, months and even years! Unsure check out our testimonials.
  2. They don’t go off – Dogs naturally wear down the chew and owners remove them if they become too small and could be swallowed. ***

What do vets recommend for dog chews?

Everyone does things differently. We have vets that recommend and refer to us and there will be other articles out there suggesting not. Of course you would not give a small dog a 9″ chew. Honestly NO! That is where the beauty of a personalised service to help and advise makes Staglers unique.

Labrador Loves Staglers Deer Antler Dog Chew

Why Are Deer Antler Dog Chews Great For My Dog?

  1. Non-Sticky – Conveniently they do not leave mess on your carpet
  2. Do not splinter or shatter– Bones can splinter and cause injury
  3. Odourless to Humans – As your dog chews the only smell may be their saliva.
  4. Cleans Teeth – Supervised gnawing & chewing helps remove tartar and plaque on the teeth.
  5. Natural Stress Reliever – The act of chewing is their natural way of working through and relieving anxiety, frustration, and boredom
  6. Low Fat – Ideal for dogs that are looking a bit tubby.
  7. Kind on sensitive tummies – They do not contain chemicals.
  8. Rich in Protein – And amino acids. Protein is good for energy and build strong muscles, bones, and joints**
  9. Hypo-allergenic and free of gluten – therefore less likely to trigger any allergic reaction

These dog chews are made from the antlers of red and fallow deer and have simply been cleaned ready for consumption. They come in 2 sizes and all sharp points have been removed to make them safe to chew. Being completely natural, no two chews are the same, so there may be some difference in colour and shape which is completely normal.

Notes About Getting The Best When Giving Deer Antler

* Choose appropriately sized antlers for your dog to chew on, If you email me and Just ask John y personalised service will help you find the right size, cut and density of antler for your dog based on their breed and chewing tendency.

**Because they are rich in protein, dogs should not chew more than a half-inch or so per day, or else they may get an upset stomach.

***Be sure to monitor & supervise your dog while they chew to ensure they are practicing safe chewing habits. Because of a dog’s nature, he’s likely to want to finish a new chew in one sitting, try and space it out. Once the antler gets small and take it away. Time for a new one!

Our treats are super tasty and made with sustainability and health in mind.

  • Always be conscious of your dog’s safety though – it is often suggested that you supervise your dog when chewing antler and remove it when it becomes to small and could be swallowed.
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