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What is Britain’s Favourite Breed of Dog?

What is Britain’s Favourite Breed of Dog?  We are really looking forward to settling down for the evening and watching Sarah Cox and Ben Fogle. They are planning to crown the canine King or Queen and tell us which dog breed you love the most.
We are undeniably a nation of dog lovers, with a whopping one in four of us now sharing our homes with a canine companion. That is 24% of house holds in the UK housing 8.5 million versions of “Man’s best friend”.
There are currently 217 recognized breeds plus thousands of combinations of cross breed. But which is the UK’s favourite? It’s an epic dog-athon of a show celebrating the love between dog owners and their best friends.

ITV have surveyed 10,000 people to find the answer to What is Britain’s Favourite Breed of Dog?

To find the type of dog families own to provide one of the most comprehensive surveys of dog ownership ever to be undertaken in the UK.
The programme producers said, “Tall or tiny, sleek or shaggy, behind every dashing dog is a doting owner and amongst their number one fans are some familiar faces too. During the course of the two-and-a-half-hour programme we run down the chart from 100 to 1 and meet some famous faces in the process. Geri Haliwell, Simon Gregson, Gok Wan, James Martin, Gabby Logan, Louis Smith, Michael Ball, Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby all introduce us to their beloved canine friends and even Prince Harry will be making an appearance during the countdown, as we share stories of the nation’s most extraordinary, talented and heroic hounds.”
We appreciate that they are including many intereting facts and videos about the heritage, key characteristics and personality traits of every breed in the chart.
8.30pm – we loved the honest love shown by all owners, from the ugliest dog in the world to expectant parents of new puppies. Also the  beautifully captured slow motion images of each and every dog.
Of course we all think our dog is the best, but which is the nation’s favourite, as we reveal who’s sitting pretty at number one?
CHECK ME OUT to see the beautiful breed in images

The Papers supported the programme and ran the story to help whip up our curiosity, it worked!

The Mirror

The Guardian


Biscuit the Border Terrier is our favourite Dog Staglers deer antler dog chew





2 thoughts on “What is Britain’s Favourite Breed of Dog?

  1. Border Terrier should definitely have been in the top 5!

  2. Great that the greyhound got to number 20 but it angered me and many other greyhound owners that the only footage they showed was greyhounds on a race track, yet every other breed or cross breed was shown as a pet.

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