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Tips on trimming dogs nails

Top tips for cutting dogs nails

Tips on trimming dogs nails – Time for a manicure?

We’ve heard from one of our customers whose dog is so relaxed when she’s being groomed that she’ll lie there happily chewing an antler (a Staglers antler, of course) and sometimes even drop off to sleep.

dog with paw in owners handDo you like your feet being touched?

BUT, this same cute, well-behaved little dog turns into a whirling dervish when it comes to having her claws cut. She hates having her feet touched and the owner asked us what method works best for our other customers.

Currently, it’s a two-man job to do her nails, and the ‘sling’ comes in very handy. However, there must be a better way! Our Border Terriers are funny about this, Biscuit does not like his paws touched, Dodger is as happy as anything with as much attention as we can give him.

Of course, like ourselves, some dogs’ nails grow more quickly than others and some will be worn down with more road work but most still need cutting.


dogs paw and nails

Top Tips To Know about Clipping Dogs Nails

So, is ‘it’s horses for courses’. What works for one dog won’t necessarily suit another, but here’s some suggestions.

  • Of course, there are clippers, these usually have a guard which holds the nail in place. Remember, lots of dogs don’t like clippers, it’s the clicking noise that worries them.
  • Perhaps try a Dremel (often used for woodwork and engraving, but also available as a specific pet grooming tool). It’s a glorified nail file and lots of dogs seem to be quite happy to have this done. It also reduces the danger of clipping too short, which, though not dangerous or painful, can create a minor blood bath!

However, our customer has seen YouTube videos that teach you how to train your dog to do their own nails.

I know, sounds tricky but all you need, they say cheerfully, is a piece of sandpaper glued to a board, and then you teach your dog to paw at it.

Just Google, ‘trim your dogs’ nails with a scratchboard’. Naturally, this is by far the most stress-free option, but it requires quite a lot of dedication on the part of the owner and some dogs will be more receptive than others. Our customer is going to give it a go and we’ll report back, in due course!

In the meantime, here at Staglers, we’d love to hear how you do your dog’s nails! Just contact John here

Tips on trimming dogs nails in 2022





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