Labradors Love Staglers Chews

Labradors Love Staglers Chews

Original enquiry

Hi , I have a 6 month old Labrador . What’s the best antler to buy for her? She needs some thing to chew to save my chair!! thankyou L

Just Ask John’s Reply

Hi L many thanks for your enquiry.
Yes, Labs at that age are seriously powerful chewers….!!! Now that she’ll have her adult teeth, personally I’d recommend a size Large at least, if not XL, plus there’s also our Lazy Dog 9” Jawnormous which means they can access the very slightly softer middle section without too much effort – dogs love them….!!!
I hope this helps,

Lucky Labrador

That’s great thankyou for your prompt reply , I will have another look at your website and order. L

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