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How do I choose the Best Dog Chew for my dog?

How do I choose the best dog chew for my dog is something we hear quite often, and we are happy to advise. We are often recommended by friends who walk dogs together or at puppy training classes. Because the most common complaint we hear is the inferior quality of the big chain store pale chews, our mission is to give quality.

Fortunately for you, with our expertise available to you, once a Staglers Client, you need go no where else! An if you love doing your own research, check out our testimonials or our Facebook Feedback.

So we decided to let you speak for us. Here are some real life conversations we’ve had to help you.

John is Happy To Help You, by Contact Us, Email or Phone

JUST ASK JOHN: Please would you let me know roughly the minimum length of your extra-large Staglers. The reason I ask is because my Golden Retriever adores deer antlers, but after having had surgery on both her front legs finds it difficult to hold shorter ones (under about 15cm/6”). Sadly, too many of the antlers that are sold are too short for her to enjoy them to the full.

The Answer: As chews are individual by selected upon weight John picked out some particularly long extra-large chews for this beautiful dog! Everyone happy.

JUST ASK JOHN: Where is my nearest Supplier to us in SP2?

The Answer: Let you fingers do the quick buying as you only have to pop on line and take 4 simple steps and John will have your choice of chews on their way to you quickly .

JUST ASK JOHN: Hi. I run puppy/dog training classes in West Dorset. In the past, you sent me some A5 leaflets to hand out to my clients – I have now almost run out. As a fan of stag antlers, I would like to continue to provide this info. Please could you send me replacements.

The Answer: Absolutely! I am passing you way at the end of the week and could drop them in, or we can let Royal Mail take the strain!

Personal Service Is Why We are The Best

How do I choose the best dog chew for my dog?

JUST ASK JOHN: I have a Viszla who adores antlers, they are the only thing that last, I need a decent size for her which is difficult to find in the shops, when they get chewed down I like to put peanut butter into the hollow areas as an extra treat so I want a good shape, her current one has 3 hollow ends but is getting small.  Sorry to be fussy, can you recommend?

The Answer:

  • Personally I’d suggest an XL as Viszlas are pretty powerful chewers. I have a number of perfect chews similar to the one you describe with 3 openings.
    I hope this helps, Regards John
  • And…… Because we like to go the extra mile – perhaps you’d like to pick your own from the attached pic, with number 1 being at the top and number 10 at the bottom……???
  • Wow! Number 3 and 7 please, so grateful to you and I’ll be back for more I’m sure.
  • That’s no problem at all – I’ll pack it myself and ensure its just as you ask!!
  • Just taken delivery of Elsa’s antlers, she will be happy for hours, thank you so much for the fridge magnet and the chocolates, my mum and I will have them this afternoon with a cup of coffee.  So glad I found you on the internet!    Many thanks and I will definitely be back for more. Kind Regards G

JUST ASK JOHN: Please help, I have a 29kg Labrador 2yrs old,what size should I buy for her please?

The Answer: Sounds like your lovely Labrador deserves a Looney Large” because of the size and the interesting features.

Happy Client:  Thank you for your reply John. I have placed an order for a ‘looney large’ and if possible would like a stick type shape with some points on the end.
I see from the payment details that should I make regular purchases I will have to open a PayPal account. I’m hoping there is an alternative way to pay, over the phone perhaps? as I don’t want a PayPal account. Thanking you in anticipation for your helpful reply and for my order.
A 😊
Your Dog Deserves Quality, You’ll Save Money In The End

JUST ASK JOHN: Hello, my border terrier  loves chewing on antlers. I buy them from a pet stall at the local market. The size, shape and weigh of the pieces varies considerately. B is a long legged border terrier weighing 10kg, a fit and active little dog who is a vigorous chewer. As well as value for money, I’m looking for something to challenge him. What would you recommend? Thanking you in anticipation. A

The Answer: Hi A, many thanks for your enquiry.  Due to the fact that I have found some market stalls sell antler off-cuts, which consequently vary greatly in both size and quality (and its often uncertain where they were sourced from).

First of all, for a Border Terrier I would suggest a size Medium (we also have a 9kg Border!!), or probably a size Large if you wanted to go bigger.  Our current range of ‘Loony Large’ are good value and a little cheaper than the normal Large.  If you let me know what particular shape your dog likes I can pick it myself – some people always want a straight ‘stick’ type, others want a few points, some want a chunky stubby one – they’re all different!!

I hope this helps.


Creative Crafts From Antler

JUST ASK JOHN: I have recently started pen turning and would be interested in purchasing some antlers to make some pens with. Each pen I make needs two small pieces 60mm x 20mm minimum. Do you have smaller off cuts that we be too small for a dog that I could use (happy to buy them) or which size do you think would be best for me from your normal stock (can’t see any actual sizes in measurements on there). John M

The Answer: We have a number of craftsmen and women who make beautiful things from Antler. Of course I can help.

Sometimes it is the technical stuff that gets us!

JUST ASK JOHN:  I would like to order 3 products but l keep getting locked out..saying my e-mail not correct or password.its getting me so FRUSTRATED

The Answer: Hi M, I’ve just sent your email to our web guy to see if there’s a problem. If all else fails I can take an order over the phone. Will get back to you soonest. J Sent from my iPhone

Happy Client: Thank you for your assistance, I realise it was my human error but your personal phone service was great. M

Fast Delivery to Rival Amazon – We Do Our Best!

Happy Client: Follow up: Just to say “thank you” for the advice you gave me on Friday and the rapid delivery. Extremely well packaged and arrived today. Puppy is already getting to grips with his new antler. Hoping that he won’t mistake my oak furniture for his new wood root though. M

Due To The Volume Of Requests, We Cannot Give Stock Away, But Always Happy To Promote With Our Leaflets.

JUST ASK JOHN: Hi can I get any free sample you can offer for my 6 month old Labrador approximately 20kg and lost all his puppy teeth –

The Answer: Sadly we are unable to offer free samples to all the requests we receive.

JUST ASK JOHN:  I have a lovely litter of Cockapoo puppies . I am looking for some info leaflets to put in the puppies pack . I was wondering if you had any you would be happy to send me ? Thank you T

The Answer: Happy to help.

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How Could taking my dog to Work Help?

Taking your dog to work from Staglers

How Could taking my dog to Work Help? is our buzz question of the week. We have Biscuit, our Border Terrier, here with us and find the benefit rewarding. Do you have you dog in your workplace?

Attitudes are changing,

40 years ago, it used to be certain professions, farmers, Police, rescue services who all have trained dogs. When we were children the dogs stayed at home with mum, who was worked from home raising the family and looking after Dad! Allowing employees to bring their dog into work demonstrates a positive reflection on the company. It shows the company to be forward-thinking, considerate, approachable and flexible. Image how that image then reflects on prospective clients.

Locally to us, there is a local IT Software Solutions company, KFA Connect Ltd, in Ringwood, Hampshire who believes that they may have the highest number of Dogs who join their owners in their open-plan offices.

“Many clients and suppliers who visit offices are impressed with the warm welcome offered by the dogs who accompany their owners to work. Tell us about your canine friendly working environment.”

Does it improve productivity?

It is being proved that dogs can help boost productivity in the workplace. Think about it, if you take short breaks it is more stimulating than sitting at your desk pounding out work. Dogs are your excuse to “take the air” and come back with a different perspective or with the solution to that problem that was a sticking point. Returning to today’s tasks with a refreshed outlook and even extra energy.

Creativity Rules

Praising companies with this approach is one thing, but knowing their recruits are likely to be people who think outside the box, resulting in an environment that breeds creativity, look out the competition! Imagine your team coming up with new ideas as a result of looking a dog relaxing.

Improved Team bonding for Employees.

Employees, who don’t own the dog, ask to take the dog out for a walk or a play with others getting involved too. Friendships can be bonded as you become dog walking besties. The result can be improving teamwork, encouraging employees to work together more cooperatively and develop a new trust. A win win for the business, the employees and, of course, our four-legged friends.

Can walking your dog at lunchtime reduce stress and lead to a healthier you?

Absolutely, Walking burns anywhere from 90 to 200 calories in 30 minutes. (You burn fewer calories if you walk at the strolling rate of a 30-minute mile) Fresh air, stimulating conversation (with yourself, your dog or a colleague!) helps relax and stress and anxiety. Imagine if you can work in a calmer way, even under pressure. Business owners could this lead to happier, healthier employees who aren’t taking as many sick days. Light bulb moment.

 The Dog Interview List to Get the Job

  1. There are a few things that need to be planned if you are going to try this. After all a pack of disagreeing dogs is going to send your heart-rate through the roof!
  2. it’s important to make sure your pet will behave. Barkers not welcome.
  3. Have the dogs been socialized or had any obedience training or are they just simply nice people!
  4. Are they happy to sit at your feet or are they going to be on guard at every distraction?
  5. If visitors arrive at work will they listen to you if you ask them to sit or stay.
  6. Jumping up is rude and a no no.

If you are happy to “step outside your comfort zone” check if your company has a dog-friendly policy or, better still, see if they want to introduce one. You can lead by example to create an improved culture.

Finally, we must spare a thought for our work colleagues who simply DON’T LIKE DOGS! Hard to imagine isn’t it?  Simple area separation, pet free areas and respect for each other’s wishes should do it.

There are 6,000 dogs ‘working’ at Amazon.

One Company who are paving the way in everything they do is AMAZON.

At the retail giant’s Seattle-based headquarters, human employees share their work space with approximately 6,000 pups on any given day, the company announced on their blog.

It all started with Rufus, a Welsh Corgi won the hearts in the office.

Amazon also has a doggie deck, for pets to run around, on their 17th floor, which boasts a fake fire hydrant, dog relief areas and water stations.

Check out our

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Homeward Hound – Dog Owners And Their Cars

Homeward Hound – Dog Owners And Their Cars

AllCarLeasing conducted a study of 1216 dog owners in the UK on their car habits living with a dog. Their survey asked a variety of different questions, and outlined must have car features. From their results, they found the best cars on the market, from each vehicle type, that they think have the most features canine lovers most desire in a new car.

Check Out Their Key Findings

“The importance of safety in your vehicle cannot be undermined, and that’s both inside and outside of the vehicle. One incredibly important factor that we must not forget applies to dog-owners, and that’s remembering to ensure maximum safety for your pooch, as well as yourself of course!

Key Findings

  • Travelling with an unrestrained dog in the car could lead to a criminal offence
  • 21% never let their dog in their car
  • Dog smell and dog hair are the main reasons
  • 62% of those who allow their dogs in the car take them into consideration with a new vehicle purchase
  • A large boot, easy boot access and quality seats being the most desirable features
  • 1 in 3 dog owners admitted driving their car without their dog secured

Do you let your dog in your car”

do you let your dog in your car


Dog hair and wet dog smell






To determine how many dog owners don’t even let their pet in their vehicle, and you would be surprised to find out that 21% of our audience responded that they simply wouldn’t. The biggest reason of which was due to dog hair overwhelming the vehicle and sticking to the seats. Nobody  wants to climb in to find dog hair everywhere, which  attachs itself to your clothes and belongings.

However, this issue can be countered with a variety of different dog covers. They will not only save the seats, but provide a great amount of comfort for your pup; available on some vehicles with the choice of an optional dog pack.

Our second, most popular, reason was due to the standard ‘doggy smell’ that finds itself inundating the car, which many people struggle to remove! Unfortunately, air freshener won’t remove the smell either,  resulting in 28% agreeing this was the most frustrating reason.

Other reasons included:

  • A lack of space in the car for their dog.
  • Worries about safety for their dog.
  • Seats being destroyed.

Being put off of driving due to excessive barking or silly behaviour; which we agree could lead to some pretty nasty accidents or a raging headache.

So if you don’t have the right restraints or a cage, you should always be careful when taking your dog in the car! Surprisingly enough, misplacing your dog and being distracted can be classified as ‘undue care and attention’. This is a punishable driving offence, and can carry a maximum penalty of £2500 and 9 points on your license.

When driving, Where do you put your Dog?

It’s important, when driving. to make sure your pet is safe whilst your driving, not only for their safety but your own as well. It’s best to keep your dog in a crate in the boot, as they are restrained and cannot interfere with your driving by jumping on your lap or rummaging around the car; however, it’s not always possible to keep a crate in your car due to the sheer size of the crate.

When we asked our audience where they kept their dog on their commute, 35% of respondents said that they kept their pooch in the boot. 38% said they kept them in the back seat and surprisingly 27% let them sit on the front seat, and potter about as they wish. This can be dangerous though, as they could knock the gear stick or block the windscreen, which could result in a crash or dangerous driving, so please bare that in mind!

Where do you put your dog in your car, whilst you are driving

It is illegal to drive without securing you dog

Have you bought a specific car for your dog?


car purchased due to my dog's needs

One of the most important questions we had to ask our audience, was whether or not they had bought a specific car when considering their dog’s needs. Normally, the best cars for dogs tend to be estate vehicles, crossovers, SUVs and MPVs. This is  due to their increased space and incredible practicality, with features such as ‘60:40 split’ and flat-folding rear seats. 62% of dog-owners specifically consider their dogs when when coming to purchase their vehicle. We analysed the results to find out what the most common vehicle was when purchasing a new car and came to find some contrasting results:

What Type of Car Do You Drive?

Out of the 961 people who do let their dogs in the car:


Dog friendly cars owners drive

Hatchback: 260 people

Crossover: 211 people

SUV or 4×4: 96 people

Saloon: 87 people

Estate: 182 people

Other: 125 people

The results above may seem surprising to you as it did to us. We thought that most dog-owners would simply own an estate, SUV or crossover. However, the data we received correlates with our previous information. Smaller dogs are more popular, meaning that a hatchback provides enough space for them and larger boot space may not be necessary.


When Considering Your Dog’s Needs, What Is The Most Desirable Feature?

Regardless of the vehicle you choose, having the correct accessories and features for your dog is essential for any dog-owner. It can play huge importance as to whether or not your dog is safe. Some of these features are optional extras and some come as standard, check out the list below:

Most Desirable Features-

Our results indicated that having a large boot was the most desirable feature as you can fit in a bigger dog with ease. Therefore you can fit your other essentials in alongside, perfect for summertime road trips and long hauls. Another desirable feature is having easy access to the boot, so that a bigger dog can simply jump in. The last feature is having high-quality seats so that you can avoid damage if the dog were to scratch them with their claws. Any mud that is brought into the vehicle can be also easily be wiped off.

Favourite Dog Accessories-

Having dog accessories is more likely a necessity than an option, as it provides substantial safety and comfort for the dog and driver. Fitting a dog fence or dog crate provides a barrier between the rear seats and boot to keep the compartments separated. A dog seat cover is great in avoiding hair sticking to the seats. Easy removal and washing is important. Also a dog safety belt is another great alternative in ensuring safety.

New Prospect:

Tesla- Dog safety is blatantly on the rise as Tesla has recently introduced its new ‘dog mode’, which tells passersby that your pet is ok in the car. The new feature makes sure that the air-con is on constantly for the pet. It displays the temperature  at all times, and if there is an issue, the owner receives an alert through the Tesla app so that they can rush back to the vehicle.


Key Dog Features required in a car






Kindly written and shared By Ross Wild



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What is Britain’s Favourite Breed of Dog?

What is Britain’s Favourite Breed of Dog?  We are really looking forward to settling down for the evening and watching Sarah Cox and Ben Fogle. They are planning to crown the canine King or Queen and tell us which dog breed you love the most.
We are undeniably a nation of dog lovers, with a whopping one in four of us now sharing our homes with a canine companion. That is 24% of house holds in the UK housing 8.5 million versions of “Man’s best friend”.
There are currently 217 recognized breeds plus thousands of combinations of cross breed. But which is the UK’s favourite? It’s an epic dog-athon of a show celebrating the love between dog owners and their best friends.

ITV have surveyed 10,000 people to find the answer to What is Britain’s Favourite Breed of Dog?

To find the type of dog families own to provide one of the most comprehensive surveys of dog ownership ever to be undertaken in the UK.
The programme producers said, “Tall or tiny, sleek or shaggy, behind every dashing dog is a doting owner and amongst their number one fans are some familiar faces too. During the course of the two-and-a-half-hour programme we run down the chart from 100 to 1 and meet some famous faces in the process. Geri Haliwell, Simon Gregson, Gok Wan, James Martin, Gabby Logan, Louis Smith, Michael Ball, Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby all introduce us to their beloved canine friends and even Prince Harry will be making an appearance during the countdown, as we share stories of the nation’s most extraordinary, talented and heroic hounds.”
We appreciate that they are including many intereting facts and videos about the heritage, key characteristics and personality traits of every breed in the chart.
8.30pm – we loved the honest love shown by all owners, from the ugliest dog in the world to expectant parents of new puppies. Also the  beautifully captured slow motion images of each and every dog.
Of course we all think our dog is the best, but which is the nation’s favourite, as we reveal who’s sitting pretty at number one?
CHECK ME OUT to see the beautiful breed in images

The Papers supported the programme and ran the story to help whip up our curiosity, it worked!

The Mirror

The Guardian


Biscuit the Border Terrier is our favourite Dog Staglers deer antler dog chew





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Doggie Desire Staglers Last Order Dates

Doggie Desire Staglers Last Order Dates

Doggie Desire Staglers Last Order Dates.  We are so excited about Christmas 2016 we have been getting ready in a big way! The November New Chews have been flying out of the door and we have seen how organised many of you are organised.

We have had such a run on our wonderful Christmas pacifiers for your four legged friends of the canine persuasion the good news is we have all sizes of the original chews in stock and ready for the following dispatch dates, so don’t delay, pop onto our products, click the mouse and get your order underway.

So listen to your doggie ‘s desire to get a Staglers in their stocking and don’t delay! Pop onto our  home page, click the mouse and get your order underway.

If you want to satisfy your Doggie’s Christmas Desire please take a look below:

 christmasdelivery14Our last date for Christmas Lazy Dog orders is
Wednesday 14th December
Our last date for Original Deer Antler Chew orders is
by midday on Thursday 15th December
Our last dispatch date for Christmas orders is
4pm Friday 16th December

Our last date for Trade orders was
Monday 12th December

Please note we are closed 16th Dec 16 
until 5th Jan 2017
We can still take your orders
and will begin deliveries on the 6th Jan 2017
Merry Chistmas and Happy New Year

NB: All Orders received between 16.12.16 and 5.1.17 will be dispatched 6th Jan.

Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you all for your loyal custom and a huge hug to your 4 legged friends who know what they like!

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Christmas treats for my dog

Christmas treats for my dog seem like a good idea, at the time.  However, the festive period is one where we often introduce all manner of exciting items into the house that we don’t normally have. Some of these things can be potentially harmful to our dogs and it’s worth knowing some of the common pitfalls. Do you know the types of human food you must avoid getting to the jaws of your beloved pet? Christmas is a great time of year and should be fun for all the family, dogs included. Many of us are already aware of some of the potential toxic foods our dogs can come across and take steps to avoid them. Latest NEWS addition – PDSA Have announce the winner of their Pet Fit Club 2016. Some great advise. 25.11.16

Scraps from the Table

Try not to weaken your resolve not to give them scraps from the table. So when our dogs, and their beautiful big eyes are rubbing against your leg under the table.  The only way to be safe is to keep the treats/foods listed below out of reach of your dog and have a quiet word with your visitors should they start to “drop food” from the table.What alot of people do not realise, or gloss over, is the lovely scraps from our human meals, or the delicious Christmas dinner.

Worst Offenders: I am sure you know people who visit who want to make friends and say “a little bit won’t do any harm”. How many little bits of fatty food does it take to upset the balance of the flora in your dog’s tummy?

We all know that it is best to introduce any changes in dog food diet is, slowly. Mixing the usual feed with the new one so that the tummy bacteria can adjust.
choc lab

We have tried to give you a few of the most common Christmas poisonings below. It goes without saying, if in doubt contact your vet and they will be able to advise you.

 Christmas foods to avoid for your dog.

Christmas Pudding, Christmas Cake, Mince Pies and Grapes

These Christmas fancies are bad for dogs – especially due to the currents, raisins and sultanas. Then there is the fat content which is probably saturated or suet. Finally there is usually alchol in these Christmas treats.

Chocolate coins and other choccy decorations

Most people are aware of the dangers for dogs from eating chocolate and take steps to avoid leaving any near their dogs. However, it is not uncommon for people to forget about the chocolate coins or decorations and leave them in an irresistible location. As well as the dangers of the chocolate the actual wrapping foil can get stuck in the stomach.

  • The toxic component of chocolate is theobromine. Humans easily metabolize theobromine, but dogs process it much more slowly, allowing it to build up to toxic levels in their system
  • A small amount of chocolate can give your dog an upset stomach with vomiting or diarrhea.
  • The size of your dog will also be a factor in the negative effect.
  • Different chocolate types have different theobromine levels. Cocoa, cooking chocolate and dark chocolate contain the highest levels, while milk chocolate and white chocolate have the lowest. If you’re dealing with any quantity of dark or bitter chocolate, err on the side of caution. The high level of theobromine in dark chocolate means it takes only a very small amount to poison a dog. Less than an ounce of dark chocolate may be enough to poison a 44-pound dog.


Cooked bones become brittle and splinter easily. This can lead to larger fragments getting ‘stuck’ causing obstructions but also smaller pieces can cause gut irritation and perforation or even just difficulty toileting. I know our Staglers customers will already be aware of this as they have opted for the longlasting deer antler chews. Just remember how resourceful a dog can be if the joint bone ends up, unattended, on a side on the way to the bin or if a bin can be knocked over by a BIG dog

N.B. Birds (turkey/chicken/goose) are all hollow boned animals and as such these bones will splinter either raw or cooked and so must not be given to your dog under any circumstances.

Macadamia nuts

Within 12 hours of ingestion macadamia nuts can cause dogs to experience weakness, depression, tremors, vomiting and hyperthermia (increased body temperature). These symptoms tend to last for approximately 12 to 48 hours, and as with all the other food groups mentioned if you suspect your dog has consumed macadamia nuts note the possible quantity consumed and contact your vet.


As it is for people, alcohol is also intoxicating for dogs and can cause similar unpleasant side effects. If your dog does get into mischief and consumes any of these things then the first thing to do is quickly contact your local vet for advice. The old saying prevention is better than cure is still true!


Please note:We all know that it is best to introduce any changes in dog food diet is, slowly. Mixing the usual feed with the new one so that the tummy bacteria can adjust.

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WIN Pet Chews for your review

WIN Pet Chews for your review

Yes these really are the natural Pet Chews that Dogs are barking about, owners too and we want to hear from You! We are giving you the opportunity to enter our “Hall of Fame” by taking two minutes to review your favourite Staglers Deer Antler Dog Chew on our Facebook Page!

Win Pet Chews for your review Compeition.

Yes, if you can take a moment to read the brilliant comments below, we would like YOU to enter  our competition to WIN 2 of your favourite chews FREE. Don’t delay, review today!

All reviews need to be added before the end of April 2016 and we will draw a winner in May! Photos with your review would be excellent but not essential.

WIN Pet Chews for your review
Lazy Dog Chews going down a treat

Reviews / Feedback / Testimonials we have received

Thank you so much for saving my remote control, my phone, books and magazines from my puppy’s insatiable need to chew! We bought so many toys but he wasn’t happy with any of them! Then we thought we’d try a Stagler and it kept him occupied for hours!! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!!

WIN Pet Chews for your review
Jack Russells make best mates with their Staglers

Our dogs absolutely love them!! They’re normally quite fussy but took to these immediately!!

Fantastic customer service, speedy delivery and my dogs love them

Great owners. Really friendly and a local company too

I would just like to say a very big thank you. I was one of the lucky winners of your recent giveaway and I have just come out of hospital and given my dogs their Staglers. Not only are they happy to have mummy home but they are ecstatic to chomp on their Staglers. Thank you again x

Our dogs absolutely love them!! They’re normally quite fussy but took to these immediately!!

WIN Pet Chews for your review Staglers
Mine is a healthy reason to chew on a Stagler Dog Chew

Great product!! 100%natural and canines love them!!

My dogs love these!!

The Pet Chews that Dogs are barking about!


WIN Pet Chews for your review Staglers
Labs love Lazy Dog Larges’
WIN Pet Chews for your review Staglers
Jumbo is just my favourite chew!


The Pet Chews that Dogs are barking about!




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Does your dog sleep all day & night?

Does your dog sleep all day and night? Staglers

Does your dog sleep all day & night? Biscuit, our Border Terrier seems to be more than happy to find his favourite spots around the house for a quick snooze, including the washbasket! Where does your dog love to sleep? Some suggestions have included the sofa, because it smells of you or because you are out! The bed, at the top of the stairs, on the kids beds and in that sunny patch which is thrown on the carpet by the window is where you will find Biscuit.

Which breeds spend the most time sleeping and why?

We are cusious to see if you have the answers. Is it because you have worn them out with a brilliant, interesting walk and play? Is it because they are overweight/disinterested/bored/homealone? In an ever demanding world, time is precious for us and every dog owner we know are super dilligent when it comes to ensuring their pet is not allowed to get too bored. Either leaving a comforter or Stagler chew/ball/favourite toy or ensuring regular checkups.

How often have you heard someone say “I have to go now, I have left the dog at home”. Horsey people will also say, “got to go and change a rug or feed the pony”. You know how dedicated people are when it is during a Sunday lunch, birthday party or social gathering.

Yes we know there is a cat in here…………………………….

So, back to does your dog sleep all day & night? We all feel lathargic from time to time and it is no different for your dog. If  they love to drink from the fish pond. Remember if your dog is dehydrated it can mess with their ability to digest their food and extract toxins from the body.

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Staglers is Top Dog

Staglers is Top Dog, and that is official. Our Twitter and social networking posts have been winners with  #woofwoofwednesdays Thenetwork base for pet businesses, pet lovers and animal charities is growing!#woofwoofwednesday network TOP DOG on twitter

Katie Tovey-Grindlay is a business owner herself (Mr Barker Pet Services) and has a brilliant page to support those of us in the wonderful “Top Dog” world of  catering for dogs and their owners.

They are excited to announce that they will be running some fantastic courses on how to market your pet business.  Starting with 10 things you need to know about dog walking! So even though most of us are pretty good at this, there is always room to learn!


Posts include reports on Crufts and Dogs Diets. Do we sound like complete believers. look at their website and see for yourself.

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Social Staglers! We’re on Facebook!

Social Staglers! We’re on Facebook! it is so much fun engaging with you all! Our Facebook business page is growing with over 1600 likes and we are receiving some great feedback from you. There is also a Twitter account! Join us today by clicking and liking as we share our

  • friends feedback
  • doggie photos
  • make your dog and his/her Stagler a video star
  • events
  • antler info (more interesting than you would first believe!)
  • humour
  • inner most thoughts on all things doggie and more

We’d love you to follow and share our Staglers Facebook page for top dog chews news! You can post photos or videos to our page of your dog enjoying Staglers, enquire about our products, or simply give us feedback on our service. We are hoping to launch a YouTube channel too! There is also a small icon on the top left of this site for you to direct link.   To add to our wonderful social world we are teaming up with lots of other wooftastic companies who have lots of information for you.

We are loving lots of pet businesses on our Facebook pages Have you heard of doggypages? Great name, great resource!

If you need to help a friend who has lost a dog there are many agencies ready to help. The National Pet Register can be of great assistance..

“Thousands of family pets go missing each year in the UK from theft or by just simply wandering off and getting lost. Don’t leave it too late to register your pets online – its FREE to use our service. Our pet databases are available to search 24/7 via our Pet Search facility, we are here to help you and your pets get re-united as fast as possible. Your pet listing will be listed in our missing pets register and our found pets register and also be added to our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts for maximum exposure. You can add pet sightings and comments to your pet listing, print off and distribute your own automatically generated missing pet posters. These features and more are available now for you to help you find your missing pet or the owner of a pet you have found.”