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Dog Treats…….

Retriever with Stagler deer antler dog chew

So, what are they – a reward for ‘being good’, a pacifier, a training aid, or just because you’re getting ‘those eyes’ or because ‘you’re worth it’…….???

Ultimately, all of the above are potentially a good enough reason – apart from perhaps the pacifier, because if that’s the only route to pacify your pooch, then something earlier and more elementary has gone wrong and believe me, they’ll work that out in minutes and keep coming back for more – e.g. we all know of that dog that will fetch a ball, bring it back to your feet, drop it, nudge it until you throw it again, and again – and again……..potentially for the next 8 hours.

Do We Treat Dogs As Humans?

Cute dog with stagler

I guess we could make comparisons here to the human+human world – How many children are given a treat for ‘being good’….??? (and this can range from eating their dinner to doing their homework to passing their exams), how many times is a child seen with a pacifier (dummy), or perhaps, more worryingly, how many times is a treat used as a training aid. ‘If you sit quietly for the rest of the journey, we’ll go get a McDonalds’ (other fast-food outlets are available…..).  Saying that, in terms of our canine companions, a treat can be used as an invaluable training aide. Firstly, you only have to watchdog agility classes, gundog, and even police dog training.  Secondly, do we not generally ‘treat’ our loved ones when it comes to Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc. etc…..???

Confusing isn’t it……

Personally, I think balance and moderation are key. – ‘TREATS’, be they to our beloved pets or our human equivalent, always have their place.  Society has become an environment where ‘treats’ are the norm – Had a productive year at work??  Met those targets?? – here, have a pay rise….. HOWEVER – we don’t get a pay rise for just turning up (remember back to the 8-hour ball throwing…??).

Treats have their place

take a moment to reflect on how miserable life would be without the odd treat – a totally forgotten birthday or anniversary?? No recognition for all that time and effort put into a particular task??  Make them count, make them special, and on the odd occasion –  

‘just because they’re worth it’…….

Dog treat in the back of the car
Keep me happy in the back of the car, please!
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How do I choose the Best Dog Chew for my dog?

How do I choose the best dog chew for my dog is something we hear quite often, and we are happy to advise. We are often recommended by friends who walk dogs together or at puppy training classes. Because the most common complaint we hear is the inferior quality of the big chain store pale chews, our mission is to give quality.

Fortunately for you, with our expertise available to you, once a Staglers Client, you need go no where else! An if you love doing your own research, check out our testimonials or our Facebook Feedback.

So we decided to let you speak for us. Here are some real life conversations we’ve had to help you.

John is Happy To Help You, by Contact Us, Email or Phone

JUST ASK JOHN: Please would you let me know roughly the minimum length of your extra-large Staglers. The reason I ask is because my Golden Retriever adores deer antlers, but after having had surgery on both her front legs finds it difficult to hold shorter ones (under about 15cm/6”). Sadly, too many of the antlers that are sold are too short for her to enjoy them to the full.

The Answer: As chews are individual by selected upon weight John picked out some particularly long extra-large chews for this beautiful dog! Everyone happy.

JUST ASK JOHN: Where is my nearest Supplier to us in SP2?

The Answer: Let you fingers do the quick buying as you only have to pop on line and take 4 simple steps and John will have your choice of chews on their way to you quickly .

JUST ASK JOHN: Hi. I run puppy/dog training classes in West Dorset. In the past, you sent me some A5 leaflets to hand out to my clients – I have now almost run out. As a fan of stag antlers, I would like to continue to provide this info. Please could you send me replacements.

The Answer: Absolutely! I am passing you way at the end of the week and could drop them in, or we can let Royal Mail take the strain!

Personal Service Is Why We are The Best

How do I choose the best dog chew for my dog?

JUST ASK JOHN: I have a Viszla who adores antlers, they are the only thing that last, I need a decent size for her which is difficult to find in the shops, when they get chewed down I like to put peanut butter into the hollow areas as an extra treat so I want a good shape, her current one has 3 hollow ends but is getting small.  Sorry to be fussy, can you recommend?

The Answer:

  • Personally I’d suggest an XL as Viszlas are pretty powerful chewers. I have a number of perfect chews similar to the one you describe with 3 openings.
    I hope this helps, Regards John
  • And…… Because we like to go the extra mile – perhaps you’d like to pick your own from the attached pic, with number 1 being at the top and number 10 at the bottom……???
  • Wow! Number 3 and 7 please, so grateful to you and I’ll be back for more I’m sure.
  • That’s no problem at all – I’ll pack it myself and ensure its just as you ask!!
  • Just taken delivery of Elsa’s antlers, she will be happy for hours, thank you so much for the fridge magnet and the chocolates, my mum and I will have them this afternoon with a cup of coffee.  So glad I found you on the internet!    Many thanks and I will definitely be back for more. Kind Regards G

JUST ASK JOHN: Please help, I have a 29kg Labrador 2yrs old,what size should I buy for her please?

The Answer: Sounds like your lovely Labrador deserves a Looney Large” because of the size and the interesting features.

Happy Client:  Thank you for your reply John. I have placed an order for a ‘looney large’ and if possible would like a stick type shape with some points on the end.
I see from the payment details that should I make regular purchases I will have to open a PayPal account. I’m hoping there is an alternative way to pay, over the phone perhaps? as I don’t want a PayPal account. Thanking you in anticipation for your helpful reply and for my order.
A 😊
Your Dog Deserves Quality, You’ll Save Money In The End

JUST ASK JOHN: Hello, my border terrier  loves chewing on antlers. I buy them from a pet stall at the local market. The size, shape and weigh of the pieces varies considerately. B is a long legged border terrier weighing 10kg, a fit and active little dog who is a vigorous chewer. As well as value for money, I’m looking for something to challenge him. What would you recommend? Thanking you in anticipation. A

The Answer: Hi A, many thanks for your enquiry.  Due to the fact that I have found some market stalls sell antler off-cuts, which consequently vary greatly in both size and quality (and its often uncertain where they were sourced from).

First of all, for a Border Terrier I would suggest a size Medium (we also have a 9kg Border!!), or probably a size Large if you wanted to go bigger.  Our current range of ‘Loony Large’ are good value and a little cheaper than the normal Large.  If you let me know what particular shape your dog likes I can pick it myself – some people always want a straight ‘stick’ type, others want a few points, some want a chunky stubby one – they’re all different!!

I hope this helps.


Creative Crafts From Antler

JUST ASK JOHN: I have recently started pen turning and would be interested in purchasing some antlers to make some pens with. Each pen I make needs two small pieces 60mm x 20mm minimum. Do you have smaller off cuts that we be too small for a dog that I could use (happy to buy them) or which size do you think would be best for me from your normal stock (can’t see any actual sizes in measurements on there). John M

The Answer: We have a number of craftsmen and women who make beautiful things from Antler. Of course I can help.

Sometimes it is the technical stuff that gets us!

JUST ASK JOHN:  I would like to order 3 products but l keep getting locked out..saying my e-mail not correct or password.its getting me so FRUSTRATED

The Answer: Hi M, I’ve just sent your email to our web guy to see if there’s a problem. If all else fails I can take an order over the phone. Will get back to you soonest. J Sent from my iPhone

Happy Client: Thank you for your assistance, I realise it was my human error but your personal phone service was great. M

Fast Delivery to Rival Amazon – We Do Our Best!

Happy Client: Follow up: Just to say “thank you” for the advice you gave me on Friday and the rapid delivery. Extremely well packaged and arrived today. Puppy is already getting to grips with his new antler. Hoping that he won’t mistake my oak furniture for his new wood root though. M

Due To The Volume Of Requests, We Cannot Give Stock Away, But Always Happy To Promote With Our Leaflets.

JUST ASK JOHN: Hi can I get any free sample you can offer for my 6 month old Labrador approximately 20kg and lost all his puppy teeth –

The Answer: Sadly we are unable to offer free samples to all the requests we receive.

JUST ASK JOHN:  I have a lovely litter of Cockapoo puppies . I am looking for some info leaflets to put in the puppies pack . I was wondering if you had any you would be happy to send me ? Thank you T

The Answer: Happy to help.

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How to stop my dog’s bad breath

Clean teeth with Staglers to avoid Dog Breath

How to stop my dog’s bad breath, commonly known as Dog Breath!

Your dog is sitting next to you. Gazing lovingly into your eyes. Then opens his or her mounth and you are left not so inlove. Sound familiar? Firstly, looking after your dog’s teeth is as important as looking after our own.

People were trained to brush their teeth

The toothbrush was not invented until 1938. However, early forms of the toothbrush have been in existence since 3000 BC. Ancient civilizations used a “chew stick,” which was a thin twig with a frayed end. These ‘chew sticks’ were rubbed against the teeth.

The bristle toothbrush, similar to the type used today, was not invented until 1498 in China. It seem like the bristles were probably the stiff, coarse hairs taken from the back of a hog’s neck and attached to handles made of bone or bamboo.

Boar bristles were used until 1938, when nylon bristles were introduced by Dupont de Nemours.  The first nylon toothbrush was called Doctor West’s Miracle Toothbrush. Later, Americans were similarly influenced by the disciplined hygiene habits of soldiers from World War II. As a result they became increasingly concerned with the practice of good oral hygiene and quickly adopted the nylon toothbrush.

Because of learned behaviour people brush teeth systematically, every day, a trained habit invented by a sales man who was selling toothpaste.

Puppies and children chew as teeth come through

It is said that puppies are too young to get dog breath, but have you considered the fact that their desire to chew helps clean their teeth?

How can I help prevent canine dental disease?

I recommend building in an Antler treat to your dog’s routine can seriously help remove plaque.   There has been a 23% increase in dental disease, particularly in older dogs, most noteworthy dogs over the age of 12 years old .

Dog Breath is natural in some dogs. We’re sure once or twice you have asked “Did my dog just eat something disgusting and smelly”? Horse poo will do it every time. Labradors are well known for this one!

Or “Are his / her gums looking red or inflamed?”, in which case a costly trip to the vet could be in order.

What can I do to prevent tooth troubles?

Keeping the mouth healthy with chewing action is what dogs were designed to do. This stimulates healthy saliva to help keep those canines sparkly.

As dog owners, we are becoming more discerning in what we choose to feed our pets. Do you know all the ingredients in those “get teeth clean quick” dog treats? Like you do in your food? Probably not! In an effort to lead a healthier lifestyle we should apply the same scrutiny to our dog treats as we do to our own eating habits.

Vets recommend their clients to us. Staglers are known to help remove plaque. Staglers have no hidden calories! People often stick to what they know and once tried, our Staglers fans are quick to recommend the benefits. Thanks to our canine firends.

At Staglers we believe the food we give our pets should fall into “Keeping it Natural”

Cons of other Dog Treats

High, unhealthy fat content results in high calorie content, not good for  sedentary dogs, oh and it leads to bad breath.

Plastic chews can lead to a plastic smell , nasty.

Chemicals and colours in treats leave a residue, therefore negating the benefits of any expensive healthy feed.

Stop feeding dogs from the table! Let’s not forget the human processed food you, or family members, may be guilty of sneaking under the table are not designed for dogs. It is processed and often contains palm oil

Rawhide does get stuck.

On the market there are so many products to choose from. The ingredients are the first clue. Some of the ingredients in dog chews are awful. When was the last time you picked up and read a box of treats? Did you read the calories per chew as well?

Pros of Deer Antler Dog Treats

Deer antler dog chews are as close to nature’s intentions as you can get! We love the fact that they are great for dog’s teeth, their health and well being. I know clean eating is the way forward because:

  • There are no additives or preservatives.
  • No bleach us used, they are in their natural state.
  • Nothing is added, nor taken away from the naturally dropped antler.
  • They are not stuffed with anything, simply the clean rich marrow full of minerals, as nature intended.
  • No heat, acids, enzymes or bleach has been used in the process of  getting the chews from deer to dog.
  • We buy from a Spanish supplier who fulfilled our requirements and we are safe in the knowledge that regulations and hygiene during the production and shipping mean the Antler we supply as dog treats is of the highest quality.
  • Growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics is not used in the antler.
  • We only stock Grade A dark antler, (not the thin white antler which does not last for the reason that they are soft and splinter easily) because it is strong and lasts.
  • Stainless and odour free, resulting in no mess left and no smell in your dog’s mouth.

Customer Feedback:

“Thank you so much for introducing me to Staglers. My dog had bad breath and a dull coat. Since giving deer antler to her for supervised sessions I can see the improvement and, as a result, the bad breath is a thing of the past. My vet is very happy with the hygiene in her mouth”  Annie

I recommend you contact me if you have any further questions about Deer Antler Dog Chews.  i am here to help you ‘chews’ the right size treat for your dog.

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Just Ask John about Dog Chews

Border Terrier with Staglers natural deer antler Lazy Dog ChewJust Ask John about Dog Chews.

Being able to give constructive, educational feedback to your question about Staglers Deer Antler Dog Chews make me happy. Delivering the personal service sets Staglers apart, and I am proud of this.

Your Questions include: Which Chew for which breed of dog? Help, I have puppy training issues, Where’s best to stay in Dorset with your dog? Keep your questions keep coming! Because I can help, I decided to post some of them because our goal is to have happy, healthy dogs.  Each month I will share some of the questions I have been answering for dog owners.

‘How can I stop my puppy chewing up the house?’ – Well, luckily, we’ve got that one covered!! Puppies love to chew, it is often an outlet for their energy, to reduce stress or simply a desire to help the new teeth come through.

Our ‘Lazy Dog’ range, are specifically designed for teething dogs (or older ‘Lazy Dogs’!).  Hand cut down the middle of a ‘tube’ of antler, means that your teething pup can get at the slightly softer middle. This avoids any damage to those emerging ‘adult teeth’, and – leaves all of that lovely wood in your kitchen alone!!

‘What age can my dog start having Original Staglers?’

Our Original Range are ideal once you are happy the adult teeth are coming through,  (usually around 16-18 weeks). As with all chews we still advise to monitor and do not leave them with new Staglers for long periods of time.

‘Which size chew for my dog?’

Well, this is a tricky one as we are all different on our choices for our pooch’s…

In the main, for absolute value and to last as long as possible, it makes sense to match one’s dog to the chew.  The bigger more powerful breeds and ‘chewers’ need to be looking at the big chews. This may feel expensive but fortunately they still last, giving you superb value for money.

Retriever/Lab (both incredibly powerful chewers) should really be looking at XL or Jumbo

Staffs, Bulldog and many of the mid to large breeds, go up a size.

Rottweiler/Newfoundland/Ridgeback/English Bull Terrier etc, then perhaps start considering Jumbo, 9inch or 12inch. Believe me, they’ll struggle to make a dent on those!

On the flip side I know a couple of customers who are more than happy to give their Malamute or Staffie a Small or a Lazy Dog chew. This is  purely as a supervised after-dinner treat, knowing that it probably won’t last them that long, but hey, they’re worth it.

Ultimately – if you’re a little unsure, then please ask. How? by our contact us page, in the notes when you place an order or give me a call 01202 631734.

I’ve got many years’ experience and are more than happy to answer any queries, most of which will have been asked in the past.


That’s all for today folks, signing off to create more delicious chews. The Nation’s dogs can not be kept waitingStagler deer antler dog chew, tough pet treat


Nov 18 Updated 18th Dec 2018


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How Staglers Handle Your Orders over Christmas

Staglers Deer Antler Christmas Present for Dogs

How Staglers Handle Your Orders over Christmas – Business as usual, Hurray

Yes, we are looking forward to all that Autumn and Winter brings. Thank you all so much for being pawsome in 2018!

We decided not to CLOSE over Christmas, so we can still take your orders!
Sadly we will not dispatch orders between 21st Dec and 26th Dec.

 GOOD NEWS, will begin deliveries on the 27th December 2018
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

 christmasdelivery14Our last date for 2nd Class Christmas Lazy Dog and Original Chew orders was
Monday 17th December 2018
Our last date for

1st Class Christmas Lazy Dog and Original Chew orders  was Wednesday 19th December 2018

Our last dispatch date for Christmas orders is
before 11am on Thursday 20th December 2018

Thank you all so much for being pawsome in 2018!


Royal Mail Postage Page to help you plan.

Staglers deer antler chews will make me feel better
Ok guys, the hat is keeping my head warm but the snow is chilling my ……………………… I have been good all year. Can I have my Stagler now PLEASE