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Dog Treats…….

Retriever with Stagler deer antler dog chew

So, what are they – a reward for ‘being good’, a pacifier, a training aid, or just because you’re getting ‘those eyes’ or because ‘you’re worth it’…….???

Ultimately, all of the above are potentially a good enough reason – apart from perhaps the pacifier, because if that’s the only route to pacify your pooch, then something earlier and more elementary has gone wrong and believe me, they’ll work that out in minutes and keep coming back for more – e.g. we all know of that dog that will fetch a ball, bring it back to your feet, drop it, nudge it until you throw it again, and again – and again……..potentially for the next 8 hours.

Do We Treat Dogs As Humans?

Cute dog with stagler

I guess we could make comparisons here to the human+human world – How many children are given a treat for ‘being good’….??? (and this can range from eating their dinner to doing their homework to passing their exams), how many times is a child seen with a pacifier (dummy), or perhaps, more worryingly, how many times is a treat used as a training aid. ‘If you sit quietly for the rest of the journey, we’ll go get a McDonalds’ (other fast-food outlets are available…..).  Saying that, in terms of our canine companions, a treat can be used as an invaluable training aide. Firstly, you only have to watchdog agility classes, gundog, and even police dog training.  Secondly, do we not generally ‘treat’ our loved ones when it comes to Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc. etc…..???

Confusing isn’t it……

Personally, I think balance and moderation are key. – ‘TREATS’, be they to our beloved pets or our human equivalent, always have their place.  Society has become an environment where ‘treats’ are the norm – Had a productive year at work??  Met those targets?? – here, have a pay rise….. HOWEVER – we don’t get a pay rise for just turning up (remember back to the 8-hour ball throwing…??).

Treats have their place

take a moment to reflect on how miserable life would be without the odd treat – a totally forgotten birthday or anniversary?? No recognition for all that time and effort put into a particular task??  Make them count, make them special, and on the odd occasion –  

‘just because they’re worth it’…….

Dog treat in the back of the car
Keep me happy in the back of the car, please!
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Just Ask John about Dog Chews

Border Terrier with Staglers natural deer antler Lazy Dog ChewJust Ask John about Dog Chews.

Being able to give constructive, educational feedback to your question about Staglers Deer Antler Dog Chews make me happy. Delivering the personal service sets Staglers apart, and I am proud of this.

Your Questions include: Which Chew for which breed of dog? Help, I have puppy training issues, Where’s best to stay in Dorset with your dog? Keep your questions keep coming! Because I can help, I decided to post some of them because our goal is to have happy, healthy dogs.  Each month I will share some of the questions I have been answering for dog owners.

‘How can I stop my puppy chewing up the house?’ – Well, luckily, we’ve got that one covered!! Puppies love to chew, it is often an outlet for their energy, to reduce stress or simply a desire to help the new teeth come through.

Our ‘Lazy Dog’ range, are specifically designed for teething dogs (or older ‘Lazy Dogs’!).  Hand cut down the middle of a ‘tube’ of antler, means that your teething pup can get at the slightly softer middle. This avoids any damage to those emerging ‘adult teeth’, and – leaves all of that lovely wood in your kitchen alone!!

‘What age can my dog start having Original Staglers?’

Our Original Range are ideal once you are happy the adult teeth are coming through,  (usually around 16-18 weeks). As with all chews we still advise to monitor and do not leave them with new Staglers for long periods of time.

‘Which size chew for my dog?’

Well, this is a tricky one as we are all different on our choices for our pooch’s…

In the main, for absolute value and to last as long as possible, it makes sense to match one’s dog to the chew.  The bigger more powerful breeds and ‘chewers’ need to be looking at the big chews. This may feel expensive but fortunately they still last, giving you superb value for money.

Retriever/Lab (both incredibly powerful chewers) should really be looking at XL or Jumbo

Staffs, Bulldog and many of the mid to large breeds, go up a size.

Rottweiler/Newfoundland/Ridgeback/English Bull Terrier etc, then perhaps start considering Jumbo, 9inch or 12inch. Believe me, they’ll struggle to make a dent on those!

On the flip side I know a couple of customers who are more than happy to give their Malamute or Staffie a Small or a Lazy Dog chew. This is  purely as a supervised after-dinner treat, knowing that it probably won’t last them that long, but hey, they’re worth it.

Ultimately – if you’re a little unsure, then please ask. How? by our contact us page, in the notes when you place an order or give me a call 01202 631734.

I’ve got many years’ experience and are more than happy to answer any queries, most of which will have been asked in the past.


That’s all for today folks, signing off to create more delicious chews. The Nation’s dogs can not be kept waitingStagler deer antler dog chew, tough pet treat


Nov 18 Updated 18th Dec 2018


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Healthy reasons to give a Stagler Dog Chew

Healthy reasons to give a Stagler Dog Chew

dogs love staglers deer antler dog chews antler bars for petsHealthy reasons to give your best friend an eco friendly Stagler Dog Chew 

It makes us so proud to know that we are helping solve the problem of bad teeth, bad breath and dogs chewing up your favourite furniture or slippers!

Do you know some of the history behind the favourite choice of Dog Chew?

Dogs have been chewing on antlers probably as long as both dogs and deer have existed, but now your dog can satisfy their instinctive desire to chew on a product that will last. How long we hear you ask, we have testimonials that say months and even a year. ” Victims of our own success”.

Instinctively loved by dogs (once tried owners and their dogs adore these chews), this equates to  long term value for money for you, everyone is a winner with these spaniels love staglers deer antler dog chewssuperb chews. The quality is obvious as we only supply  ‘Grade A’ naturally cast  Red deer antler from free-roaming Spanish wild deer. (Stocks of antler chews from UK deer are low). There is a Stagler for every size dog benefit from.

It is, in fact, as simple as:  nothing added and as nature intended.

Why are they so good for your dog?

  • Hypo-allergenic and free of gluten
  • Low Fat so aids that weight loss programme
  • Great for sensitive tummies
  • Cleans your dog’s teeth = better breath and healthy gums
  • Yippee! No harmful additives or preservatives
  • Incredibly long lasting, in fact weeks and months
  • Tough and hard, long lasting and does not splinter
  • An attractive scent for your dog, yet not smelly to humans and do not stain your carpet, great news!
  • They are similar in hardness to a Nylabone, but tastier and healthier.
  • Unprocessed and natural they compliment the BARF diet and are suitable for sensitive tummies.
  • Very little fat and deliver organic, raw minerals and vitamins such as calcium & phosphorous

How to get the most out of your Stagler.

It is a fact that after a meal, historically in nature, wolves and other canidae chew on the skin & bones to maintain a healthy digestive balance. Also during mastication endorphins are produced in the brains, these endorphins provide a sense of calm that relaxes your dog. For our domestic dogs the “skin and bones of prey” are best replaced with clean deer antler.

Your dog will most likely have a good chew with one of these, leave it, then come back to it again and again. Some customers give as a treat after mealtimes, others give as a comforter.

We recommend you monitor use and when all is “chewed and done” you should remove the small piece to prevent swallowing.

Our Promise to You.

You can feel good about giving your dog an antler chew from Staglers.

Each spring male deer they lose their antlers, after mating, which will then start growing again, year on year. Our antlers are collected from free ranging deer in southern Europe, brushed, hand cut and graded on weight. As antler is a purely natural product they all differ in colour, weight, shape and thickness.  We guarantee we only buy the Top Grade A, premium quality antler we do not buy lower grade, white antlers, as these do not last long and can splinter.

Our Ethos is to be as eco-sustainable as possible, from process to packaging.

Size Guide

Small (50g+) = Suitable for pups and toy sized dogs

Medium (75g+) = Great for small dogs such as terriers or medium sized breeds such as spaniels.

Large (150g+) = A chew for larger breeds such as labradors and also smaller breeds that love a good chew.

XLarge (225g+) = Suitable for big boys, like Great Danes or smaller, but smaller breeds such as retrievers and collies with powerful jaws are well suited to this too.

JUMBO (350g) = The ultimate big dog treat, suitable for tough chewers that punish their normal chews, such as seriously tough staffies or if you’ve just got a giant breed that needs a tougher chew

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Dog Chew Delivery Delayed for June Half Term

Dog chew delivery delayed

Dog Chew Delivery Delayed for June Half Term – This is due to the family having a little break.

What does this mean for you?

W only ask that you order before 8pm on Thursday 26th May 2016 to guarantee dispatch on Friday 27th. Thereafter Staglers HQ will be on temporary shutdown as the team have a well earned rest.

We have all sizes of the original chews in stock and lazy dog chews too, all ready for the following dispatch dates, so don’t delay, pop onto our products, click the mouse and get your order underway.

So listen to your doggie ‘s desire to get a Staglers ordered this week! Pop onto our  home page, click the mouse and get your order underway.

Half Term LAST ORDER dates:

Trade Orders Wednesday 25th May 2016
Web Order by 8pm on Thursday 26th May so that we can ensure
Last dispatch date – 12.00 Friday 27th May.

NB: All Orders received between 27.5.16 and 8.6.16 will be dispatched on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th June.

Have a wonderful Half Term Holiday yourself and lets keep fingers crossed for sun and lots of lovely walks with your best friends!

and thank you all for your loyal custom and a huge hug to your 4 legged friends who know what they like!

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The Times SME Hub Staglers Report

Staglers deer antler dog chew owner John guarantees fast service

The Times SME Hub photo
John Palmer-Snellin loves his work with is best Border Courtesy of Maria Spann for The Times

The Times SME Hub Staglers Report  Carly Chynoweth

Published at 12:01AM, July 3 2014


“It is always amazing how networking and contacts can open doors for all businesses” said John Palmer-Snellin. “My interview with Carly Chynoweth from The Times Newspaper and the SME Hub Report about our Dogged determination  has been a wonderful experience. Our original projections were based on the strength of a large chain’s orders I was fulfilling. Who knows where 2014 and 2015 are going to take us.

The Times SME Hub Staglers Report – Growth trajectory “We are looking for stable, organic growth”

The idea for Staglers, which makes deer-antler dog chews, came to John Palmer-Snellin in an instant when he noticed how much his border terrier loved playing with antlers shed by his wife’s deer.

The company’s name, logo and branding strategy took a while longer. “I went to bed thinking about it for weeks,” says the retired police officer. His first idea was “Dogs Luv Antlers”, but when he discovered he could not register it as a trademark (visit  he had to come up with something new.

Once he settled on Staglers, he set up an e-commerce site. “Then we had to drive traffic to it, so we used a Google AdWords campaign,” he says.

Initially, his strategy wasn’t very successful, but, after consulting with his web designer, he adjusted the key words —  and when they are used, with Thursday to Sunday being the best days —  it became more effective.

Facebook also plays a big part in Staglers’ marketing mix. The Palmer-Snellin’s spends quite a bit of time “liking” and posting on the pages of other dog-friendly businesses. “Some of them have thousands of followers and they are excellent pet retailers, trainers, groomers and there are also some fabulous community sites, so we like them and they like us back,” he says. This means that when it runs Facebook offers, John can see order numbers rise.

However, not all internet-based connections are useful; he says it is important to always check the reach and credibility of potential online partners. “A lot of people offer a banner or web space but that does not mean it will increase traffic to your site in any great numbers.”

On the other hand, a real-world relationship with Bournemouth University has proved incredibly helpful. “Four students are using my company as part of a module in their tourism and marketing degree,” he explains. “Their assignment is to look at the business and see what they can do to improve it (through online marketing). It’s the sort of thing you would pay consultants a fortune for and it isn’t costing us a penny.”


Staglers Deer Antler Dog Chew Company – Family Run Pet Store Retailer in Poole, Dorset.

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2014 Year starts well for Staglers deer antler stock

2014 year starts well for Staglers deer antler stock.

Staglers chews ready for 2014

walking sticks
walking sticks

After a wonderful Christmas we are pleased to say there are plenty of antler from last year awaiting John’s attention to cut. Our Staglers deer antler stocks are good and trade customers can be assured of top quality, grade A antler during the spring.

This is a good reason to tell your stockist or pet retailer to contact us direct at and we can stock them!

We are really impressed with the creativity of our customers. Antlers have traditionally been used for stick making, furniture, light fittings, handicrafts, knife handles and pen making. The antlers from last spring or approximately a year old are often the best.

The 2014 year will see Staglers expecting a quieter period around May as the beautiful antlers the deer used for the rut (mating season) are starting to fall off in the Spring. The current weather makes that feel a long way off, but nature will prevail and the antlers will be ready to harvest from the ground. That is what makes them so eco-sustainable and exciting.


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Dog Chew? – Why YOU need STAGLERS!!

Staglers deer antler dog chews loved by Terriers

Dog Chew? – Why you need Staglers to keep your “best friend” instinctively chewing the right thing!

These brilliant dog chews are a result of a totally natural annual process – ANTLERS!   Simply collected from wild, free roaming Red deer when they drop them naturally each Spring.  We hand cut them to specific sizes and remove the sharp points for safe chewing.

Puppies like deer antlers too.  The lazy chews are the perfect chew for puppies and very small dogs. We recommend that puppies are supervised and never left for long periods. The inner “marrow” is exposed which allows your dog to access the softer part of the chew.

Antler is well known for being a healthy chew, full of minerals and calcium. They are made of bone and are therefore long lasting, and as they are unprocessed, they will not splinter or degrade either.  Unlike rawhide, they don’t get sticky and messy, so your dog can quite happily chew away in the lounge without fear!  Guaranteed to meet the natural urge of a dog to chew, whilst also helping to strengthen and clean teeth – No more furniture damage!

You will be surprised just how much good value your chew purchase will be.  Antler takes time for your dog to grind the bone. It is perfectly natural for your dog to want to chew for a long time, then give it a rest, then off again – best friends!

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Latest News – Pets Corner

Latest News – Pets Corner   We are proud to announce we are building trade partnerships with some amazing companies. Our first trading partner is the top quality Pets Corner stores. Look out for our quality deer antler dog chews in a store near you soon.

My daughter said “Daddy, does that make them the diamond of pet stores?” – Yes was my reply!

Sandra & I approached them after seeing their website’s promise:


“We’re changing the products we stock to give the small guy a chance – because smaller, specialist companies make better, healthier and more unique things for our customers’ pets.”

True to their word they have taken us by the hand and led us into the next phase of our new Dorset business’s development. We produced, labelled, boxed and delivered our first order in a manic two weeks! Since then you, their customers, have proved that YOUR DOGS NEED STAGLERS!

Their ethics in recycling, donating to charity, variety, responsibility and quality sit well with our belief that if you want your pet to have the best then give every customer the opportunity. We are a family run, British company and know that Pets Corner’s trained staff will be able to help you as much as we can.

They began their family run pet shop in 1968 and now there are 77 stores around the country. The Pets Corner stores are full of  different and superior quality food and accessories and their happy staff are properly trained and promote their ethical policies.

To find your nearest branch go to –