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Using Deer Antler for Decoration

Using Naturally Shed Deer Antler for Decoration

Hi I’m John and my Dorset-based family business is Staglers. We sell deer antler dog chews to pet owners online. I cut the (naturally shed) deer antler into different sized chews for different sizes of dogs.

However, I’ve recently seen an increase in searches online for customers wanting to purchase Whole Deer Antler, so it makes sense to sell these too!

So what on Earth do people want whole deer antler for?

Deer Antler in Interior Design

Interior design is a fast paced fashion industry and luckily ‘Countryside’ fashion has always remained a popular ‘thread’.

A few years ago I was approached by our social media assistant’s Mum, who is an Interior Designer in the retirement sector. She was working on a design project for a development near a countryside estate on the outskirts of London.

The scheme for the show flats was, you guessed it, Deer! The client wanted a large pair of deer antlers to hang as a wall decoration, and I’m happy to say I was able to supply them!

The design scheme was so popular it was then replicated at another development, so as a result we popped another pair of antlers in there too.

We think they look rather impressive! 

Deer Antler in Stationery

Okay, so nobody is going to stick a whole deer antler on a pen!  That would be a little extravagant – and heavy! However, I wanted to include another creative, decorative use for them. These beautiful antler pens were created by Graham at About Turns.

Deer Antler Sculptures

These wonderful sculptures are the creative work of Nadine Collinson. 

Nadine first got in touch a few years ago as she wanted to make a full size bronze of a Stag and needed a pair of antlers to work from. I supplied them and I think you’ll agree the finished work is stunning!

Since then, Nadine has been one of the main artists putting together the Graze Festival in Winchester. This year (2018) I supplied her with a whole pile of antlers for her to make the stand-alone pieces.

Deer Antler for Christmas Table Decorations

This is a little decorative idea I came up with myself. I just love the idea of bringing beautiful natural items into the home to display, as long as they are ethically sourced of course! For Christmas I pop a few candles and freshly cut holly between the antlers and I think they make a wonderful centre piece because they just add something more ‘exciting’ than your standard table setting.

In conclusion, antlers aren’t just for dogs; humans quite like them too.

Therefore, if you’re interested in purchasing Whole Deer Antler or have any questions, please get in touch by emailing me on

Thank you for reading this blog post.


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Staglers gains competitors customers

Staglers gains competitors customers

In recent years the rise in popularity of deer antler dog chews has seen the demand for the top quality, naturally dropped antlers, rise as the British public realise how many boxes they tick for their dogs.

We wanted to update you on a dramatic turn of events since March 2015 and what we are doing to ensure you remain supplied with Staglers. Currently the Chinese are unable to use their own deer antler, resulting in the Malaysian, Korean and Chinese medicine market buyers scouring the globe for raw antler. Due to the fact that China is unable to supply at the current time we have been inundated with enquiries from the UK, Europe and globally.

There isn’t a shortage of antler yet (but it is possible), the issue is quite simply by how much raw material has increased since March 2015, Grade A up by 100% since 2014. It has now become a commodity and as such raw material is at an all-time high in terms of price. Hopefully at some point it will stabilise and maybe come back down, but this is unlikely to happen in the immediate future. We are aware that others use lower grades, be informed that that doesn’t sit within our company ethos. The difference in quality is quite remarkable from supplier to suppler. If you take the time to compare, you will see that some larger stores are having to use the whiter antler which is not such good quality, our Staglers and the original dog chew company Stagbar are maintaining quality within the industry. Sadly this pressure for demand has caused a price rise in the industry to ensure we can purchase replacement stock.

As the big chain stores realised the potential of these healthy, mineral rich dog chews, are now finding it much harder to source suppliers. Wholesalers are also finding their UK suppliers are drying up. Buying online is going to be the most direct option.

Staglers deer antler dog chews
Staglers deer antler dog chews ready for sal

Never fear, Staglers have anticipated this hand have good stocks of every size! This 2015 trend appears to be giving Staglers an opportunity to really look after our current trade partners. One competitor of ours currently has no stock for their trade customers and we have fortunately picked up some select new customers, this includes some vets practices – Great News, which just goes to show that Staglers really are recommended by vets…………………………

Staglers deer antler dog chews, by post
Staglers deer antler dog chews, by post

Staglers gains competitors customers online too. So when you are thinking of purchasing Stagbar, Antos or Antler Dog Chews, remember, we carry the bright orange label and can deliver, buy easily at our online shop

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The Times SME Hub Staglers Report

Staglers deer antler dog chew owner John guarantees fast service
The Times SME Hub photo
John Palmer-Snellin loves his work with is best Border Courtesy of Maria Spann for The Times

The Times SME Hub Staglers Report  Carly Chynoweth

Published at 12:01AM, July 3 2014


“It is always amazing how networking and contacts can open doors for all businesses” said John Palmer-Snellin. “My interview with Carly Chynoweth from The Times Newspaper and the SME Hub Report about our Dogged determination  has been a wonderful experience. Our original projections were based on the strength of a large chain’s orders I was fulfilling. Who knows where 2014 and 2015 are going to take us.

The Times SME Hub Staglers Report – Growth trajectory “We are looking for stable, organic growth”

The idea for Staglers, which makes deer-antler dog chews, came to John Palmer-Snellin in an instant when he noticed how much his border terrier loved playing with antlers shed by his wife’s deer.

The company’s name, logo and branding strategy took a while longer. “I went to bed thinking about it for weeks,” says the retired police officer. His first idea was “Dogs Luv Antlers”, but when he discovered he could not register it as a trademark (visit  he had to come up with something new.

Once he settled on Staglers, he set up an e-commerce site. “Then we had to drive traffic to it, so we used a Google AdWords campaign,” he says.

Initially, his strategy wasn’t very successful, but, after consulting with his web designer, he adjusted the key words —  and when they are used, with Thursday to Sunday being the best days —  it became more effective.

Facebook also plays a big part in Staglers’ marketing mix. The Palmer-Snellin’s spends quite a bit of time “liking” and posting on the pages of other dog-friendly businesses. “Some of them have thousands of followers and they are excellent pet retailers, trainers, groomers and there are also some fabulous community sites, so we like them and they like us back,” he says. This means that when it runs Facebook offers, John can see order numbers rise.

However, not all internet-based connections are useful; he says it is important to always check the reach and credibility of potential online partners. “A lot of people offer a banner or web space but that does not mean it will increase traffic to your site in any great numbers.”

On the other hand, a real-world relationship with Bournemouth University has proved incredibly helpful. “Four students are using my company as part of a module in their tourism and marketing degree,” he explains. “Their assignment is to look at the business and see what they can do to improve it (through online marketing). It’s the sort of thing you would pay consultants a fortune for and it isn’t costing us a penny.”


Staglers Deer Antler Dog Chew Company – Family Run Pet Store Retailer in Poole, Dorset.

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Deer Antler Stocktake Complete

chews ready to go
A fraction of the chews cut, labelled and ready to go!

Deer Antler Stocktake Complete and we have to say thank goodness for the help!

Stocktaking deer antler dog chews can be a steady process but we are pleased with the results. We have lots and lots of some sizes, and quite a few of the others…………..:) This helps us deliver you the best customer service as we have the stock you require and deliver, on time, every time.

We believe our deer antler stocktake gives you and your dog better customer service. How does it work?

  • It will assist you in ordering and cutting fresh and replacement stock more accurately
  • Businesses can hold stocks of raw materials which are to be used in its production processes, stocks of finished goods ready to be sold to its customers
  • Audit: Having an up to date stock inventory can aid in tracking stock held by the business.
  • Control: Retaining large amounts of unsold stock can be both costly and take up a lot of unnecessary storage space.
  • Prudence: Controlling stock means the business is efficient as no unsold stock is allowed to pile up and there is less risk of stock spoilage.
  • Accounting Purposes: At the end of each accounting period a stock take or inventory is done which is a physical counting of each item of stock the business has on its premises. An adjustment has to be made so that the closing stock is deducted from the opening stock of the previous year plus additional purchases made in the current year.
  • Competition: Businesses with adequate and well monitored stock levels are more competitive and offer a better service to their customers. The purchasing departments should liaise effectively with the sales department so that there is sufficient stock for existing and potential customers. This will help the business stay on track by not losing customers but adequately fulfilling customer requirements on time.
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2014 Year starts well for Staglers deer antler stock

2014 year starts well for Staglers deer antler stock.

Staglers chews ready for 2014
walking sticks
walking sticks

After a wonderful Christmas we are pleased to say there are plenty of antler from last year awaiting John’s attention to cut. Our Staglers deer antler stocks are good and trade customers can be assured of top quality, grade A antler during the spring.

This is a good reason to tell your stockist or pet retailer to contact us direct at and we can stock them!

We are really impressed with the creativity of our customers. Antlers have traditionally been used for stick making, furniture, light fittings, handicrafts, knife handles and pen making. The antlers from last spring or approximately a year old are often the best.

The 2014 year will see Staglers expecting a quieter period around May as the beautiful antlers the deer used for the rut (mating season) are starting to fall off in the Spring. The current weather makes that feel a long way off, but nature will prevail and the antlers will be ready to harvest from the ground. That is what makes them so eco-sustainable and exciting.


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Dog Breed Size Guide for Staglers

Big dogs need the length as well as the thickness.
Follow your instinct too, a big dog needs a BIG CHEW!

Dog Breed Size Guide for Staglers

Thanks to great feedback we are adding information, AS A GUIDE ONLY to assist with your decision making.

Make sure the size you buy fits the size and bite force of your dog. Supervise your dog when chewing and remove any small leftovers. Remove the chew from time to time to relax jaws!

Packed with stacks of nutrients and minerals your four-legged friend will spend months chewing, comforting and and licking. They love getting to the marrow! Our longest lasting chew has lasted since we started trading, going well so far then!



Dog Breed Size Guide for Staglers to help you.

  • Small – Recommended for toy/small breeds such as Chihuahua, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian,
  • Medium  – Recommended for breeds such as , Keesond, Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, Pug, Whippet,  Jack Russell, King Charles Spaniel, Border or Fox Terrier, West Highland Terriers.
  • Large – Recommended for breeds such as Labrador, Dalmation, Border Collie, Poodle, Airdale, Sharpei
  • Extra Large –  Staffi’s, Boxer, English Foxhound, Retriever, Pointer, Bulldog, German Shepherd, Hounds,  Doberman, Weimaraner, Red Setter,
  • Jumbo – Great Dane, Newfoundland, Brairds, Rottweiler, Ridgeback, Belgian Shepherd, St Bernard, Borzoi, Old English Sheep Dog, Biant Schnauzer
  • Lazy – small and medium and large – Ideal for older dogs and puppies but generally loved by all.