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Christmas Last Order Dates

Christmas Last Order Dates – We have plenty of stock of most chews and the website is being updated constantly. We love your feedback and know you are all busy owners.

We are here to help you get organised to reward your faithful friend with a chew that will last well into the new year and even next Spring!   Your dog will thank you and may even decide his/her present is healthier than those naughty scraps from the Christmas table!

We are an positive thinking Company and know many of our customers are keen to get ahead, perhaps making purchases a little earlier than in the mad weeks before Christmas.   November is the best time to purchase your Christmas present for your best friend!We wanted to help by giving you our Christmas  order dates in plenty of time.

Staglers deer antler dog chews Christmas present and gift ideas for your pet

Staglers’ Christmas last order dates are  Wednesday 13th December

Our Christmas last dispatch date is  Thursday 14th December.

We listened last year and have set the date based on feedback and guaranteed postage times.. The high demand for our long lasting product in 2017 means we are definitely going to be ready in theDogs and puppies love Staglers deer antler dog chews for Christmas buy online dispatch department!

Remember  Staglers Deer Staglers Deer Antler Dog Chews make pawfect Christmas Presents Antler Dog Chews are the “Pawfect” Festive Gift for Good Dogs? Also guaranteed to last into the New Year, giving you great value for money in the long run!

Healthy and instinctively loved by dogs, you will be impressed that this mineral packed treat is not sticky or smelly! If you have a new puppy then a lazy dog  chew will be your best choice of puppy chew, ideal if they are cutting their adult teeth at this time.

Rewarding you dog makes you both feel good, and unwrapping a Stagler is a fun Christmas indulgence you both can afford!


  • when we say long lasting we mean weeks in fact, this present will still be going into the new year
  • as nature intended- no preservatives or additives
  • won’t splinter or chip
  • good for keeping teeth clean
  • low fat
  • encourages mastication
  • sizes for all breeds
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How Staglers Handle Your Orders over Christmas

Staglers Deer Antler Christmas Present for Dogs

How Staglers Handle Your Orders over Christmas – Business as usual, Hurray

Yes, we are looking forward to all that Autumn and Winter brings. Thank you all so much for being pawsome in 2018!

We decided not to CLOSE over Christmas, so we can still take your orders!
Sadly we will not dispatch orders between 21st Dec and 26th Dec.

 GOOD NEWS, will begin deliveries on the 27th December 2018
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

 christmasdelivery14Our last date for 2nd Class Christmas Lazy Dog and Original Chew orders was
Monday 17th December 2018
Our last date for

1st Class Christmas Lazy Dog and Original Chew orders  was Wednesday 19th December 2018

Our last dispatch date for Christmas orders is
before 11am on Thursday 20th December 2018

Thank you all so much for being pawsome in 2018!


Royal Mail Postage Page to help you plan.

Staglers deer antler chews will make me feel better
Ok guys, the hat is keeping my head warm but the snow is chilling my ……………………… I have been good all year. Can I have my Stagler now PLEASE
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Christmas treats for my dog

Christmas treats for my dog seem like a good idea, at the time.  However, the festive period is one where we often introduce all manner of exciting items into the house that we don’t normally have. Some of these things can be potentially harmful to our dogs and it’s worth knowing some of the common pitfalls. Do you know the types of human food you must avoid getting to the jaws of your beloved pet? Christmas is a great time of year and should be fun for all the family, dogs included. Many of us are already aware of some of the potential toxic foods our dogs can come across and take steps to avoid them. Latest NEWS addition – PDSA Have announce the winner of their Pet Fit Club 2016. Some great advise. 25.11.16

Scraps from the Table

Try not to weaken your resolve not to give them scraps from the table. So when our dogs, and their beautiful big eyes are rubbing against your leg under the table.  The only way to be safe is to keep the treats/foods listed below out of reach of your dog and have a quiet word with your visitors should they start to “drop food” from the table.What alot of people do not realise, or gloss over, is the lovely scraps from our human meals, or the delicious Christmas dinner.

Worst Offenders: I am sure you know people who visit who want to make friends and say “a little bit won’t do any harm”. How many little bits of fatty food does it take to upset the balance of the flora in your dog’s tummy?

We all know that it is best to introduce any changes in dog food diet is, slowly. Mixing the usual feed with the new one so that the tummy bacteria can adjust.
choc lab

We have tried to give you a few of the most common Christmas poisonings below. It goes without saying, if in doubt contact your vet and they will be able to advise you.

 Christmas foods to avoid for your dog.

Christmas Pudding, Christmas Cake, Mince Pies and Grapes

These Christmas fancies are bad for dogs – especially due to the currents, raisins and sultanas. Then there is the fat content which is probably saturated or suet. Finally there is usually alchol in these Christmas treats.

Chocolate coins and other choccy decorations

Most people are aware of the dangers for dogs from eating chocolate and take steps to avoid leaving any near their dogs. However, it is not uncommon for people to forget about the chocolate coins or decorations and leave them in an irresistible location. As well as the dangers of the chocolate the actual wrapping foil can get stuck in the stomach.

  • The toxic component of chocolate is theobromine. Humans easily metabolize theobromine, but dogs process it much more slowly, allowing it to build up to toxic levels in their system
  • A small amount of chocolate can give your dog an upset stomach with vomiting or diarrhea.
  • The size of your dog will also be a factor in the negative effect.
  • Different chocolate types have different theobromine levels. Cocoa, cooking chocolate and dark chocolate contain the highest levels, while milk chocolate and white chocolate have the lowest. If you’re dealing with any quantity of dark or bitter chocolate, err on the side of caution. The high level of theobromine in dark chocolate means it takes only a very small amount to poison a dog. Less than an ounce of dark chocolate may be enough to poison a 44-pound dog.


Cooked bones become brittle and splinter easily. This can lead to larger fragments getting ‘stuck’ causing obstructions but also smaller pieces can cause gut irritation and perforation or even just difficulty toileting. I know our Staglers customers will already be aware of this as they have opted for the longlasting deer antler chews. Just remember how resourceful a dog can be if the joint bone ends up, unattended, on a side on the way to the bin or if a bin can be knocked over by a BIG dog

N.B. Birds (turkey/chicken/goose) are all hollow boned animals and as such these bones will splinter either raw or cooked and so must not be given to your dog under any circumstances.

Macadamia nuts

Within 12 hours of ingestion macadamia nuts can cause dogs to experience weakness, depression, tremors, vomiting and hyperthermia (increased body temperature). These symptoms tend to last for approximately 12 to 48 hours, and as with all the other food groups mentioned if you suspect your dog has consumed macadamia nuts note the possible quantity consumed and contact your vet.


As it is for people, alcohol is also intoxicating for dogs and can cause similar unpleasant side effects. If your dog does get into mischief and consumes any of these things then the first thing to do is quickly contact your local vet for advice. The old saying prevention is better than cure is still true!


Please note:We all know that it is best to introduce any changes in dog food diet is, slowly. Mixing the usual feed with the new one so that the tummy bacteria can adjust.