Staglers Trade Enquiries

Staglers Trade Enquiries –  We have been in business since 2013.  In 2017 we took the decision to focus on our online customers rather than following up on requests that came from the trade. To put it simply we did not have enough margin to include additional businesses.

Person using a smartphone in the forest Staglers Trade Enquiries

Our decision was based upon:

The wonderful demand from online customers asking if our quick service could be online.

Large pet chain stores sell multiple brands. This includes inferior white chews, we could not all ow our dark grade A antlers to be muddled in with the thinner chews

Selling direct ensures best value for money for our lovely dog owners.

Our website asks for details of the dogs we cut chews for.  This has resulted in more efficient use of John’s antler machine craft for each dog or puppy,

We are inspired by the creativity and ranges of products available in shops and pet retail stores and continue to have great relationships with the hardworking owners.

Staglers Trade Enquiries updated April 20