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Staglers gains competitors customers

Gaining Competitors Customers

Staglers gains competitors customers

In recent years the rise in popularity of deer antler dog chews has seen the demand for the top quality, naturally dropped antlers, rise as the British public realise how many boxes they tick for their dogs.

We wanted to update you on a dramatic turn of events since March 2015 and what we are doing to ensure you remain supplied with Staglers. Currently the Chinese are unable to use their own deer antler, resulting in the Malaysian, Korean and Chinese medicine market buyers scouring the globe for raw antler. Due to the fact that China is unable to supply at the current time we have been inundated with enquiries from the UK, Europe and globally.

There isn’t a shortage of antler yet (but it is possible), the issue is quite simply by how much raw material has increased since March 2015, Grade A up by 100% since 2014. It has now become a commodity and as such raw material is at an all-time high in terms of price. Hopefully at some point it will stabilise and maybe come back down, but this is unlikely to happen in the immediate future. We are aware that others use lower grades, be informed that that doesn’t sit within our company ethos. The difference in quality is quite remarkable from supplier to suppler. If you take the time to compare, you will see that some larger stores are having to use the whiter antler which is not such good quality, our Staglers and the original dog chew company Stagbar are maintaining quality within the industry. Sadly this pressure for demand has caused a price rise in the industry to ensure we can purchase replacement stock.

As the big chain stores realised the potential of these healthy, mineral rich dog chews, are now finding it much harder to source suppliers. Wholesalers are also finding their UK suppliers are drying up. Buying online is going to be the most direct option.

Staglers deer antler dog chews
Staglers deer antler dog chews ready for sal

Never fear, Staglers have anticipated this hand have good stocks of every size! This 2015 trend appears to be giving Staglers an opportunity to really look after our current trade partners. One competitor of ours currently has no stock for their trade customers and we have fortunately picked up some select new customers, this includes some vets practices – Great News, which just goes to show that Staglers really are recommended by vets…………………………

Staglers deer antler dog chews, by post
Staglers deer antler dog chews, by post

Staglers gains competitors customers online too. So when you are thinking of purchasing Stagbar, Antos or Antler Dog Chews, remember, we carry the bright orange label and can deliver, buy easily at our online shop

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