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Staglers Dog Chews @ Christmas

Dog with staglers deer antler dog chew Christmas present

Staglers Dog Chews @ Christmas – Doggie Desire Staglers Last Order Dates.  We are so excited about Christmas 2023! We have been getting ready in a big way! All sizes have been flying out of the door and we have seen how organised many of you are organised.

We have had such a run on our wonderful Christmas pacifiers for your four legged friends of the canine persuasion the good news is we have all sizes of the original chews in stock and ready for the following dispatch dates, so don’t delay, pop onto our products, click the mouse and get your order underway.

So listen to your doggie ‘s desire to get a Staglers in their stocking and don’t delay! Pop onto our  home page, click your mouse and get your order underway.

Staglers Dog Chews @ Christmas

If you want to satisfy your Doggie’s Christmas Desire please take a look below:

Our last date for

All Deer Antler Chew orders is
10pm on Tuesday 19th December 2023
Our last dispatch date for Christmas orders is
1pm Tuesday 19th December 2023


Staglers Deer Antler Christmas Present for Dogs

Please note we are closed from 21st December 2023
until 29th December 2022
We can still take your orders
and will begin deliveries on the 30th December 2023
Merry Chistmas and Happy New Year

Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you all for your loyal custom and a huge hug to your 4 legged friends who know what they like!

Puppy for Christmas wants staglers lazy treat

Staglers Dog Chews @ Christmas – Remember the best way to ensure you dog enjoys our  sustainable, naturally dropped antler

  • Monitor how long they chew
  • Remove the antler if it gets small chewed to a small stump
  • Supervise you pet

Staglers Dog Chews @ Christmas