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Staglers Customers Reviews Count

Staglers customers reviews count towards keeping Staglers profile visible and honest in the ever changing world of Google! We have partnered with the lovely people at who have a platform designed to make life easier. Our customer service, at Staglers, can now have your views starred! After all, it is not always All About Dogs!

So, do you think we get orders out efficiently?

Almost certainly, do you like the dark, durable Spanish antler?

Perhaps your dogs have great breath (a bit of an ask, we know)?

A Key, relevant point: Do our chews outlast chews made by everyone else…….?

You can make a difference this week and into the future.

My wife is the first to complain if she gets lots of emails and then deletes them because of a lack of time to read them! But she is also the first to admit that when something is done quickly and efficiently, and the product is great quality, why not shout about it. “It is about being mindful. Offering someone else help with a few words that will remain visible and help others.” So please look out for your most noteworthy of emails this week.

The team at Reviews have the right credentials and reputation, and because we have looked at a few Companies, they are the most noteworthy. They offer a safe and secure, closed system that has a market place reputation for integrity and authenticity.

Previous customers have been contacted this week.  Happy dogs, puppies and owners can help potential customers understand the benefits of working with us. Therefore, ensuring that promises made by the Staglers brand is 100% what it says “on the tin”.

The company is especially relevant as they promise to link our customers, and their experiences, with valid points of view. The experience of both dogs and owners is very important to us and we wanted to give you a quick and easy way to have an alternative to our contact us page and Facebook.

After every order is placed, an automated trigger is sent to to send that customer a short email asking for a review. This guarantees the reviews you see on our website are from authentic customers.

It is in conclusion that this transparent approach to our new review system ensures feedback you can trust.

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Staglers Customers reviews count


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