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Social Staglers! We’re on Facebook!

Social Staglers! We’re on Facebook! it is so much fun engaging with you all! Our Facebook business page is growing with over 1600 likes and we are receiving some great feedback from you. There is also a Twitter account! Join us today by clicking and liking as we share our

  • friends feedback
  • doggie photos
  • make your dog and his/her Stagler a video star
  • events
  • antler info (more interesting than you would first believe!)
  • humour
  • inner most thoughts on all things doggie and more

We’d love you to follow and share our Staglers Facebook page for top dog chews news! You can post photos or videos to our page of your dog enjoying Staglers, enquire about our products, or simply give us feedback on our service. We are hoping to launch a YouTube channel too! There is also a small icon on the top left of this site for you to direct link.   To add to our wonderful social world we are teaming up with lots of other wooftastic companies who have lots of information for you.

We are loving lots of pet businesses on our Facebook pages Have you heard of doggypages? Great name, great resource!

If you need to help a friend who has lost a dog there are many agencies ready to help. The National Pet Register can be of great assistance..

“Thousands of family pets go missing each year in the UK from theft or by just simply wandering off and getting lost. Don’t leave it too late to register your pets online – its FREE to use our service. Our pet databases are available to search 24/7 via our Pet Search facility, we are here to help you and your pets get re-united as fast as possible. Your pet listing will be listed in our missing pets register and our found pets register and also be added to our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts for maximum exposure. You can add pet sightings and comments to your pet listing, print off and distribute your own automatically generated missing pet posters. These features and more are available now for you to help you find your missing pet or the owner of a pet you have found.”

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