What questions do dog owners usually ask?

What questions do dog owners usually ask? We have had some amazing questions from you. Since introducing our 3 key questions at checkout

  • Please let us know your breed of dog:
  • Where did you hear about us?:
  • Add Comments: Please ensure extra-large so he doesn’t choke on a smaller one. He likes the longer ones rather than the flat ones.

Our unique feature gives you the opportunity to let us

  • get to know your  best mate,
  • if you were told about us by a friend or if you simply let your fingers do the talking and Google found us
  • Ask for specific types of chew, any questions that you may need help with.

I simply tailor the experience to you because I cut all the chews myself and send them out. John

The dog will be happy with any size chew but a medium should only be considered as a treat. It will not last with big jaws. A large chew will be much better value for money in the long run.

Yes we recommend the lazy dog chews until he has cut his adult teeth at 16/18 weeks. They are then ready to progress to original.

Happy to help, Just ask John! Contact Us

Most dogs love them, but we are realistic enough to know that we can not please all of the country’s dogs, all of the time!

I never acquired a taste for olives, my daughter loves them.