• Staglers Handmade Ground Antler Dog Treat Biscuits – Chicken

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      CHICKEN flavour. Staglers Hand-made Dog Treat Biscuits, with ground antler mixed into the naturally delicious little bone shaped biscuits. 100% Natural ingredients to delight your dog.  Ideal for a reward or training aid. Perfect Christmas gift too…..

      Sold in individual packets of over 50g each.

    Staglers Handmade Ground Antler Dog Treat Biscuits – Chicken

    First of all we are excited that we can offer these. The chicken flavour are worth sniffing out! We can shout out loud that these hand made biscuits only contain totally natural ingredients! We know how much dogs instinctively love our deer antler dog chews we heeded the call of our customers to put our special antler “dust” into these little rewards and, of course, bone shaped, we know you would expect nothing less.

    Staglers Antler Dog Treats are perfect for small rewards, training and keeping in your pocket! Each hand baked dog biscuit is jam-packed with yummy goodness. This includes organic flour, Omega 3 and herbs (sorry we could NOT make them gluten free as the alternative flours would not work for us 🙁 )

    ONE PACK contains over 50gms of Staglers Antler Dog Treats in biscuit form and each biscuit is approximately 3cm long.

    CHICKEN Antler Dog Treats analytical constitutes per 100g: Oils/fats 8.3% Protein 10.5%

    Our Staglers Antler Dog Treats can act as positive reinforcement in dog training and rewarding good dog behaviour because the antler dust ingredient connects with a dog’s brilliant sense of smell. Dogs can smell a treat from over 20 yards away and can get a pretty good idea of the main ingredients. Not all treats are created equal though. Here are some tips for which healthy dog treats to give, how to give dog treats, and when to give dog treats. We suggest you give dog treats  more than an expression of love for our dog; it can be a critical component in the reward bond.

    How to use dog treats most effectively.

    Use treats to reinforce  calm and good behaviour. Remember, your moment of patience as an owner will pay off in a well-behaved dog for a lifetime.

    When to give dog treats.

    In between meals is the ideal time to give treats. Our original Staglers are best after a meal for teeth cleaning and general mastication.

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