Staglers 100% Natural Deer Antler Dog Chew – Medium


Staglers 100% Natural Dog Chew – Medium. Sold individually. Weighs between 75 – 150g each!

Staglers 100% Premium top quality Deer Antler Dog Chew are naturally dropped off, every year (and regrown) by Red deer.  I personally select and hand-cut them into fantastic chews, designed to keep your dog satisfied.

If it is a dark antler it will last. If it is pale (i.e. shop-bought or cheaper versions the size will either be smaller, lighter or thinner than ours. Not sure of the size, contact me. John.

Instinctively loved by dogs & proven that they help clean teeth, are virtually fat-free, full of minerals, and calcium and do not splinter like bone – perfect for your dog. They are also non-sticky, not smelly, long-term value for money so perfect for you. Everyone is a winner with these superb chews.

Order by 11am and we post out same day (unless away 🙂 Competitive Royal Mail postage according to weight.


Staglers 100% Natural Deer Antler Dog Chew – Medium  Sold individually.

Destructive chewing is one of the most common complaints we hear. Not what you need if working from home! Our medium dog chews are ideal for medium-sized dogs or as a starter. The benefits to your dog’s well-being, both emotionally and physically are important to us. Oh, the happiness, and contentment, your pet has when doing what comes naturally, chewing something he/she is allowed to chew! A Stagler rather than furniture, shoes, or paper for puppies is perfect.

Where do Staglers Come From?

Firstly let’s put your mind at rest. Our chews are guaranteed 100% premium quality antler which is naturally shed, from wild Red deer, annually. By importing from Spain we know no deer are harmed. The quality is obvious as we only supply  ‘Grade A’ naturally cast

What are the Benefits of Staglers 100% Natural Deer Antler Dog Chew – Medium 

One of the trade customers we supply is an important vet in the world of canine care and they recommend, and supply, to their clients. They totally understand the power of Stagler’s teeth-cleaning properties and resulting well-being.

Instinctively loved by dogs means long-term value for money for you! Everyone is a winner with these superb chews

The natural cleaning process gives you a totally natural, unprocessed product, clean, nutritious, long-lasting, and a great treat for all dogs.

  • Fat-Free and suitable for dogs on diets.
  • Hypo-allergenic and free of gluten
  • No harmful additives or preservatives
  • Tough and hard, long-lasting and does not splinter
  • Attractive primal smell to the dog and is not smelly to humans
  • No stains on your carpet, great news!
  • Guaranteed to outlast rawhide.
  • They are similar in hardness to a Nylabone but tastier and healthier.
  • Unprocessed and natural they compliment the BARF diet and are suitable for sensitive tummies.
  • Very little fat and deliver organic, raw minerals and vitamins such as calcium & phosphorous
  • Known by vets to aid in the cleaning of teeth helping to maintain fresh breath and healthy gums for your dog.
  • Your dog will most likely have a good chew with one of these, leave it, then come back to it again and again. Some customers give as a treat after mealtimes, others give as a comforter.

Why Does My Dog Chew?

Chewing on your personal belongings can stem from:

  1. Teething
  2. Tension
  3. Boredom
  4. Separation Anxiety.

Which Size/breeds of Dogs love medium Dog Chews?

  • Bichon Friese  – 11 things you should know about the Bichon Frise (Check out Your Dog Advisor’s fab article).
  • Boston Terrier
  • Australian Terrier
  • Border Terrier
  • Cairn Terrier
  • Chihuahua (although small ones should look at lazy chews)
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Corgi
  • Dachshund
  • French Bulldog
  • Havanese
  • Italian Greyhound
  • Jack Russell
  • Lhasa Apso
  • Maltese
  • Moodle
  • All miniatures
  • Papillion
  • Pug
  • Schnauzer
  • Shih Tzu

We love the Good Housekeeping small breed photos!.

Our Promise to You – Staglers 100% Natural Dog Chew – Medium – One of our most popular size

You can feel good about giving your dog an antler chew from Staglers. We’re confident that once tried you’ll stay with us! 75-150g per medium chew.

Each spring male deer lose their antlers, after mating, which will then start growing again, year after year. Our antlers are collected from free-ranging deer in southern Europe, brushed, hand-cut, and graded on weight. Because antler is a purely natural products they all differ in colour, weight, shape, and thickness.  We guarantee we only buy the Top Grade A, premium quality antlers we do not buy lower grade, white antlers, as these do not last long and can splinter.

Our Ethos is to be as eco-sustainable as possible, from process to packaging.

Customer feedback says long-lasting, top quality, safe, and gives satisfaction. The sustainable future of dog chews in the years to come!

Finally, Please Give Responsibly

 Some dogs will chew a Stagler all day if you let them. Please do not. It is very important that you monitor your dog whilst chewing and do not leave it with them for too long. After all you are giving a hard, nutritious treat!

Your dog will know what to do with their treat. Leave it for him to work out how to enjoy it. Make sure your dog is gnawing on the antler chew and not trying to break it in half. Don’t hold the antler chew for him as this may cause him to bear down on it. Please don’t leave their Stagler outside, it’s not sticky so put it somewhere safe, where other creatures (i.e. slugs) can get to them, to safeguard your dog’s health.

To avoid a choking risk take the Stagler away from your dog once it gets worn down to a small enough size that your dog could easily swallow. Always supervise your dog when chewing.

We recommend you monitor the use and when all is “chewed and done” you should remove the small piece to prevent swallowing. As recommended by vets too!

Analytical constituents:

  • Crude protein: 37% • Crude oils and fats: 0,1% • Crude fibre: 2% • Crude ash: 55%
  • Moisture: 9% • Calcium (Ca): 21% • Phosphorus (P): 8% • Sodium (Na): 1,1%
  • Iron (Fe): 195 mg/kg • Magnesium (Mg): 5240 mg/kg

Staglers 100% Natural Dog Chew – Medium Size  will weigh between 75 and 150 grams


NB  Please note bulk orders over 2kgs will need to select the AWD Weight/Country postage option

Staglers 100% Natural Deer Antler Dog Chew – Medium

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