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PATS Sandown Pet Trade Show

PATS Sandown Pet Retail Trade Show 2015 Staglers

Sandown Pet Trade Show

PATS Sandown Pet Trade Show promises to be “Bursting with business opportunities” for the major suppliers to the marketplace.

The patshow will include suppliers to the fantastic retail market which provides for our pets. The marketing for the event has been super anLazy chews are so popular!d their website is impressive with brilliant contact details and exhibitor sections

The small family team at Staglers would love to show our delicious deer antler dog chews there but any small business struggles to find £1448 as a starting fee for a stand. We are currently looking for a business promotion grant that can enable small businesses to be able to join the big players in this important event. Any ideas anyone?

PATS in Telford, in September, promises to be equally as exciting. We have a brilliant contact in Wales – Pupcakes, who may get a visit around that time!!

Back to PATS – The thing that stimulates all of us is the idea of discovering a new or long lasting, reliable product (Like Staglers!).

“PATS 2015 – PATS Sandown has secured a strong line-up of speakers for two days of seminars designed to give pet retailers ahead-of-the-game ideas on new lines, new approaches and new profit potential.

The free-to-attend series of seminars will cover topics including: retailing RAW pet foods; using social media to build a loyal customer following; 20 business tips in 20 minutes; getting more online visitors to your website; and what customers are saying about your pet business online.” (PATS website).

As with all new ideas you have to be in it to win it and therefore we will be off to see what it is all about so that we can make an informed decision.Staglers have so much variety

Take a look at their site and let us know what you loved about it best on our facebook page

Staglers, supplying Deer Antler dog chews and never compromising on quality .

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