Natural Lazy Dog Chews

Natural Lazy Dog Chews

Our Natural Lazy Dog Chews are  master pieces and are made just for those lazy dogs who want to get straight to the yummy part of the antlers rather then having to put effort in to get to it after all they are called lazy dog chews for a reason. These are also one of our most brought treats for your dogs so why not get some now?

What’s so different about them?

There isn’t much difference between our normal dog chews and our lazy ones but there is one with the normal dog chews we just cut it down to size and then it’s ready to go but with the lazy ones we cut it down and then split it into two allowing for your dog to get to the yummy insides without having to try so hard. all this does it make it worth while for your dog and you.

Are they still sustainable?

Yes, all of our antlers are hand picked and cut to make sure that they are as sustainable as possible after all Eco-sustainability is at the core of Staglers and we look forward to letting your dog chew on one of our amazing antlers.

Are they still as healthy?

in short yes they are, these antlers still provide the basic health benefits that the other ones do but with just a little bit less chewing. They still provide the teeth cleaning and all the other benefits that come with the antlers but the dog gets to the yummies just that little bit quicker.

If you have anymore questions and woudl like to ask them then we woudl be happy to help please feel free to contact us.