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Natural Dog Rewards and Treats

Staffie enjoying a long-lasting StaglerNatural Dog Rewards and treats. Want to know more?

Rewarding you dog is a natural thing to do and we regularly get feedback from so many of you. Many different groups of dog owners have found exciting and bonding reasons to give the gift of a Staglers dog chew.

The absolute delight of having a new puppy can sometimes present it’s own challenges. As your earnest bundle of love-ability promptly decides to test your love by searching out, and often destroying, many of the things you hold dear. Chewing slippers, children’s toys, inadvisable foodstuffs, sticks and even furniture!

Do you go out to work all day and have those beautiful big eyes looking at your upon your return? If your dog is not a bounder, wanting to sit in your arms the minute you walk through the door, they may be a barker. (I love you and missed you, Here I am, Where have you been? I have guarded the house now where’s my reward?)Walking with friends Face the fun with a dog friendly Stagler

Imagine you are going for a walk and it is smarter to throw a ball or stick so that you do not have to walk so far (or dare we say run!). A Staglers will also double up as a walkers ideal toy, small enough to go into your pocket (unless a 12″ of course) and perfect for throwing and carrying.

After the walk, the love and their tea there is nothing more natural than giving a teeth cleaning Stagler. Why? Because the natural process of chewing releases happy, contented endorphin’s that relax and settle dogs. At the same time they are doing what comes naturally. Historically, in the wild, they would always finish their RAW meal with the bones but with a Stagler’s Deer Antler Dog Chew you can relax in the knowledge that they will not splinter or smell!

So to sum up

A non-sticky, non-smelly chew that could disappear under the sofa for a week and only the dog will know it is there!Jack Russell and Stagler reward

Clean and not sticky to hold you can be confident that they are the chew “accessory” that discerning dogs put in their shopping basket!

They have an excellent reputation for becoming your dog’s best friend – Quote “She absolutely love it and won’t leave it alone!”

Perfect for teething puppies

The team at Staglers get a really warm feeling of pride when customers are recommending them to friends or offering them as Gifts!


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