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Is Social Distancing For Dogs?

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Is Social Distancing For Dogs? In these current times, it is healthy to get out into the fresh air yet maintain social distancing for people. This is a new skill for many dog owners.

Social distancing is the act of intentionally creating distance between people, in order to slow the spread of disease.

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Is Social Distancing For Dogs?

Social distancing is for people and includes the following principles:

  • Stay home as much as possible
  • Avoid crowds
  • Limit errands and social gatherings
  • Work from home
  • Stay 6 feet (2 meters) away from others when in public

Social Distancing is for People, Not Dogs

Let’s face it, right now we are all adjusting to new routines and learning to live in close proximity to our families. What could possibly go wrong?
On a good note, our dogs are also adjusting to their home being full of their favourite people too. Many are normally at home all day simply waiting for you to return. Problem fixed, my favourite humans are home!
They are also going to love the mind relaxing walks you are going to start fitting into your day.
All members of the family will benefit from some fresh air and the beauty of nature.

“Fresh air and exercise will likely alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that you may be feeling, while also helping to provide fun and exercise for your dog.”

How should I look after my pet when carrying out social distancing?

  • If you haven’t tested positive or been asked to self-isolate then continue to interact with your pets as normal but adopt good hygiene practices including washing hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after touching them, their food, toys, and bedding. This is good advice at any time and not specific to the Coronavirus situation.
  • Avoid being kissed or licked and sharing food with your pet.
  • Ensure you have supplies of pet food and medication in case you need to stay at home

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Increase Dog Walking for Pet Owners Benefits Your Whole Body.

Don’t deny your pets some important daily exercise that helps keep dogs fit, healthy, and happy. The health benefits for you will help you in so many ways. You may even choose to walk your dog more often.

  1. Dog Walking Helps Reduce Blood Pressure 
  2. Dog Walking Increases Positive Feelings and Happiness in addition to several mood-elevating elements like taking that good decision to get into the fresh air,
  3. Exercise helps boost serotonin levels by increasing brain levels of tryptophan, an amino acid used in the natural manufacture of serotonin. 
  4. Walking Helps Control Blood-Sugar Levels. Low-impact exercise like walking helps reduce and control blood-sugar levels by increasing insulin sensitivity. 
  5. Walking Improves Balance and helps our flexibility, therefore reducing the risk of falls and muscle weakness.
  6. Walking Improves Management of Joint and Muscle Pain, for instance even in people with arthritis. Walking also helps increase muscle flexibility and keeps bone and cartilage tissues strong and healthy

What Happens To My Dog’s Walks If I Get Ill?

If you, or a family member, become sick the Government Self Isolation advice applies.  NHS Information 
  • Limit contact with pets and other animals if possible.
  • The best option is to have a family member or friend to walk or even look after your dog whilst you are sick.
  • Your dog is still allowed out of the house into the garden and if you do not have a garden you can take sensible precautions for someone to walk your dog.

Consider a Professional Dog Walker

They will have procedures in place to disinfect leads, washing hands and protecting themselves and you.


What Games Could I Play At Home?

We are not going to teach you to “suck eggs” but if you want to top up on tips at home the Blue Cross have some ideas.

If you dog shows signs of boredom, anxiety or generally needs somewhere to distance themselves from the new busy household perhaps a new toy or healthy dog chew treat will help. Remember not to overfeed your pet but give natural treats if there are now more people at home interacting.

Can My Pet be Infected by Coronavirus?

The good news is that there is no current evidence that pets or companion animals can be infected with the new coronavirus or that dogs play a role in the spread of human disease.

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