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Human Tragedy Encourages Self Improvement

Human Tragedy Encourages Self Improvement in the Palmer Snellin family. Sadly my daughter lost a life long 14yr old school friend to suicide in 2019.

“I went to school with his mum and the ripple effect on everyone his life touched has been immense.” Said Sandra,, John’s wife. “You don’t realize the huge problem teenagers are having with social image and technology adjustment. It is too much for many.”

As a family we decided to pick up the challenge. I have a replaced knee & my wife a replaced hip but exercise is great for both. In October we joined our friends on a well-organized wall across the Purbeck Hills along the Jurassic Coast. So many people walk and run for charity, and charity walking with dogs makes so much sense.

Beach Run For Charity
My Wife surprised herself when walking 10K with me across the Purbeck Hills and then decided to run the 5k Home.

Running for charity is fun, until the last few kilometers, when digging deep is key. We understand the motivation to help charities is personal to each individual’s human situation.

Will’s mother, Les, has set up the charity to help young people who may be finding life tough, struggling to cope with daily life   #WillDoes

“We arranged to complete the 10K across the Purbecks in the walking group. My husband John and daughter Pippa walked to the top of the Purbeck Hills where the views were inspiring. At the 5K mark, a friend ran past me and I thought “I can run for a bit too”. I set off trotting across the grass. With the support of other runners, Vicky and Val, I managed 5K! Imagine my surprise, joy and later sore ankles!”

Human Tragedy Encourages Self Improvement by Sandra Palmer-Snellin, Staglers Ltd

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