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How to relax dogs during fireworks

Collie dogs with their Staglers deer antler dog chews

How to relax dogs during fireworks. We were barking with happiness when we heard Classis FM’s popular popular pets programme is back. Better still there will be soothing music to help keep your four-legged friends relaxed over this Bonfire Weekend.

While fireworks displays are spectacular, for our furry, scaly and feathered friends, they can be stressful and often traumatic.

Classic FM will be broadcasting two special programmes to help pets, and their owners, stay calm and relaxed

Charlotte Hawkins Hosts the Show

For the first time in the programme’s four-year history, Classic FM’s Pet Classics will be hosted by Sunday evening presenter and rescue dog owner Charlotte Hawkins.

Top Tips To Help Your Pets This Weekend

Fireworks can cause stress, anxiety, and even aggression in pets. Keep reading for our top tips on preparing your pet for fireworks season.

  1. Consider a pheromone diffuser
  2. Walk dogs earlier than usual so they are indoors with you when most fireworks start
  3. Keep cats in
  4. Create a safe space for your pet, yes that means on the sofa this once!
  5. Provide plenty of hiding spaces
  6. Close windows, curtains, and blinds to strengthen the sound insulation
  7. Turn up the radio or TV, Classic FM is a good bet
  8. Consider bringing rabbit hutches indoors, don’t forget your other furry friends.

How do I tune into the Music?

The Radio Pet Classics is supported by the the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), here’ll be soothing classical music, plenty of dedications to listeners’ pets, and some brilliant practical advice and tips from the RSPCA.

Listen to Classic FM’s Pet Classics on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 November, from 6pm to 10pm. Classic FM is available across the UK on 100-102 FM, DAB digital radio and TV, on Global Player, on your smart speaker (“play Classic FM”), iOS or Android devise and at Click here to catch up on Global Player,

Contact Charlotte Hawkins and send in your Pet Classics dedication

Source: Classic FM

How to relax dogs during fireworks 4.11.21

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