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How Could taking my dog to Work Help?

Biscuit comp xmas

How Could taking my dog to Work Help? is our buzz question of the week. We have Biscuit, our Border Terrier, here with us and find the benefit rewarding. Do you have you dog in your workplace?

Attitudes are changing,

40 years ago, it used to be certain professions, farmers, Police, rescue services who all have trained dogs. When we were children the dogs stayed at home with mum, who was worked from home raising the family and looking after Dad! Allowing employees to bring their dog into work demonstrates a positive reflection on the company. It shows the company to be forward-thinking, considerate, approachable and flexible. Image how that image then reflects on prospective clients.

Locally to us, there is a local IT Software Solutions company, KFA Connect Ltd, in Ringwood, Hampshire who believes that they may have the highest number of Dogs who join their owners in their open-plan offices.

“Many clients and suppliers who visit offices are impressed with the warm welcome offered by the dogs who accompany their owners to work. Tell us about your canine friendly working environment.”

Does it improve productivity?

It is being proved that dogs can help boost productivity in the workplace. Think about it, if you take short breaks it is more stimulating than sitting at your desk pounding out work. Dogs are your excuse to “take the air” and come back with a different perspective or with the solution to that problem that was a sticking point. Returning to today’s tasks with a refreshed outlook and even extra energy.

Creativity Rules

Praising companies with this approach is one thing, but knowing their recruits are likely to be people who think outside the box, resulting in an environment that breeds creativity, look out the competition! Imagine your team coming up with new ideas as a result of looking a dog relaxing.

Improved Team bonding for Employees.

Employees, who don’t own the dog, ask to take the dog out for a walk or a play with others getting involved too. Friendships can be bonded as you become dog walking besties. The result can be improving teamwork, encouraging employees to work together more cooperatively and develop a new trust. A win win for the business, the employees and, of course, our four-legged friends.

Can walking your dog at lunchtime reduce stress and lead to a healthier you?

Absolutely, Walking burns anywhere from 90 to 200 calories in 30 minutes. (You burn fewer calories if you walk at the strolling rate of a 30-minute mile) Fresh air, stimulating conversation (with yourself, your dog or a colleague!) helps relax and stress and anxiety. Imagine if you can work in a calmer way, even under pressure. Business owners could this lead to happier, healthier employees who aren’t taking as many sick days. Light bulb moment.

 The Dog Interview List to Get the Job

  1. There are a few things that need to be planned if you are going to try this. After all a pack of disagreeing dogs is going to send your heart-rate through the roof!
  2. it’s important to make sure your pet will behave. Barkers not welcome.
  3. Have the dogs been socialized or had any obedience training or are they just simply nice people!
  4. Are they happy to sit at your feet or are they going to be on guard at every distraction?
  5. If visitors arrive at work will they listen to you if you ask them to sit or stay.
  6. Jumping up is rude and a no no.

If you are happy to “step outside your comfort zone” check if your company has a dog-friendly policy or, better still, see if they want to introduce one. You can lead by example to create an improved culture.

Finally, we must spare a thought for our work colleagues who simply DON’T LIKE DOGS! Hard to imagine isn’t it?  Simple area separation, pet free areas and respect for each other’s wishes should do it.

There are 6,000 dogs ‘working’ at Amazon.

One Company who are paving the way in everything they do is AMAZON.

At the retail giant’s Seattle-based headquarters, human employees share their work space with approximately 6,000 pups on any given day, the company announced on their blog.

It all started with Rufus, a Welsh Corgi won the hearts in the office.

Amazon also has a doggie deck, for pets to run around, on their 17th floor, which boasts a fake fire hydrant, dog relief areas and water stations.

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