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How can I help my dog on Bonfire Night?

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How can I help my dog on Bonfire Night? Remember, remember the fifth of November…

No, don’t worry, at Staglers, we haven’t lost the plot completely. It’s only September, but Bonfire Night will be upon us before we know it and it can be a really traumatic time for Man’s Best Friend.

Some dogs are fine with fireworks, they’ll sit outside and calmly watch a display but most are, at least, anxious and some are absolutely petrified.

And this is why we’re talking about this now, because if yours is a dog that’s worried by bangs, it’s a good idea to start thinking now about how you’re going to handle Bonfire Night. In lots of places, the week either side of it is just as bad. There seem to be continuous noise as kids let off firecrackers, neighbours have parties and then there’s the organised displays with the loudest rockets ever!

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So, what can you do?

Obviously, you’ll draw the curtains or lower the blinds and put the radio or television on loudly, but there’s much more help out there.

From the first time you bring your puppy home, or later if your dog’s already mature, it’s a good idea to get them used to all sorts of noises. There are plenty of firework sound effects on YouTube and an excellent explanation of how to use them from a Battersea behaviourist – LINK HERE

Lots of sensible ideas there which may well help, but you need to start NOW!

How can I help my dog on Bonfire Night?

Thunder shirts have proved hugely successful to help dogs who are anxious. It’s the equivalent of swaddling a baby to calm them down or a weighted blanket for your bed and works very well for many dogs. Have a look at for more information.

There are lots of herbal and organic calming potions available. We aren’t in a position to recommend, but they may be worth looking into. And then, of course, there’s your vet, who will have seen this problem many times and will undoubtedly be able to make suggestions perhaps for a light sedative for a few days to take the edge off the panic.

Your dog will, of course, love a sausage or two off the barbecue, but when he’s quiet at home, with all that noise going on outside, there’s nothing like a reassuring gnaw on a Staglers antler to keep him calm and satisfied.

So, good luck and start planning now!

If you would like more information please pop to the RSPCA site who always have helpful tips.








How can I help my dog on Bonfire Night



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