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Healthy dog equals happy dog

Healthy dog equals happy dog, Is your dog putting in the exercise and eating well?

We were so impressed with this organisation’s web page and love the healthy dog info there, to help you keep your pet on a healthy path in life, we asked if we could share their page with you.

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT…………… information.

Full Credit Given

Hi John

Many thanks for contacting us…You can mention our pet size-o-meter on your website as long as full credit is given to PFMA and a link to our website is provided.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further inquiries.

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Veterinary & Nutrition Affairs
Pet Food Manufacturers Association, PFMA


PFMA’s Top Tips on checking your dog’s shape

  • Stand behind your dog. Place both of your thumbs on either side of its backbone. Spread both hands across its rib cage. The ribs should be easy to feel under the coat without excessive fat covering– like pens in a soft pencil case.
  • Look at your dog from the side and from above – can you see the waist?
  • Feel your dog’s belly – run your hand underneath from the end of the chest along the belly – it should follow an upward curve and not droop downwards. This is known as the abdominal tuck.
  • If your dog is too thin or too heavy, ask your local vet for advice. The vet will look for any underlying health problems as to why your pet may be too thin or too heavy. If there are no underlying health issues, a change of diet and lifestyle suitable for your individual dog may be suggested.
  • Many vet practices run free weight management consultations led by the veterinary nurse who can check whether your pet is overweight or not. Give your local practice a call to see what services they provide. An increasing number of pet shops are also offering free weight checks.
  • Once your pet is in ideal condition, continue to monitor its weight and body shape. If you think weight is creeping back on, take steps to ensure your pet is getting enough exercise. Ensure you or anyone else in the family is not overfeeding it.
  • It can be a challenge for your pet to stay in peak physical condition, particularly if there are lifestyle changes. Humans often overindulge at Christmas or on holiday. The same will often apply to your pet. Be mindful of these lifestyle changes and try to keep your pet’s routine as consistent as possible.


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