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Happy Dogs after testing Staglers

The aftermath of a Staglers antler

Happy Dogs after testing Staglers. We have joined up with the brilliant team at Face the Fun who asked the question…

If dogs could blog what would they say about Staglers deer antler dog chews? You can read all about the “Westie that came to Bournemouth for a dog friendly holiday in Tara’s blog.

We adore the way she writes from the dog’s point of view and we giggled at Tara’s dog chew comment “The ones that go soggy, I end up sitting on and having to pull off my clothes later on” was a perfect description of the messy side effects of rawhide chews! Face the Fun are also running a competition so read their post, check out the comp at the end of the page!

Face the fun with a dog friendly holiday in Bournemouth and a Stagler competition

The similarity between our busy lives today and the connections of people is what makes the world a social media so interesting. Living in the beautiful towns around Poole Harbour and Bournemouth makes for happy people, and even happier dogs!

Tara and my wife Sandra are mums to extremely mature 10/11 year old daughters who are going on 15!  They work their bottom’s off during the week in an office job,which is demanding, and at times stressful. At the end of the day  Tara loves to escape the house by taking dog Betty out for a long walk.  Sandra, loves to get outside and tend to our chickens, the pony, rabbits and even happily takes on the job of cleaning out the hamster!

Being in touch with nature and our surroundings is really important to us and we are lucky to live in, what we consider to be, a beautiful part of the UK. Tell us what you love most about the areas you walk your dogs/live in. John

2 thoughts on “Happy Dogs after testing Staglers

  1. My two B/T adore your antlers chewies there knawing them at all times in the DAY And Night recommend to any persons

    1. Thank you, we are so pleased to hear this. Best B/T treats around!

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