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Giving Your Dog A New Routine

Giving Your Dog A New Routine is happening all around the World in March 2020.  Coronavirus is making us all do things differently. The routine he, or she, has been used to is about to be blown out of the water.

  1. School Run, no.
  2. Getting ready to go to work with you, no.
  3. Kowing you all left him or her alone all day so they could sleep on the bed, no

Giving Your Dog A New Routine

This is the perfect time to think about what your weeks ahead are going to look like. It could be that now that you are all in the house, their house. Perhaps you are working from home so now your dog is really confused. You are here but your attention is not.

Biscuit will be happy sat near my feet rather than alone on the sofa (or where ever he sleeps which is probably on our beds……….. sound familiar?)

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Contented dog with Staglers Lazy Dog Large


Dogs Are Creatures Of Habits

Put yourself in your dog’s shoes for a moment. The way they feel about the world around them depends on their viewpoint. For instance by how they feel and how happy they are in their environment. As a result, to have a positive outlook on life they are able to cope with any changes and new things that come their way.

Last month they had an established and stable routine. They knew what to expect from you, their day and their lives in general. Their behaviour often reflected how well you had mastered this.

A lack of consistency, routine or simple timings between feeding and toilet opportunities can cause stress, anxiety or depression.

Well-balanced dogs that are secure in their environment, routine and day-to-day lives find it much easier to weather any changes or upsets that do come along from time to time, whether planned for or unexpected.

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Working From Home

We know many businesses who have taken their Office Dogs home again. As you look at a new structure to your week perhaps you will add in an additional walk, for instance, giving you both a positive break.

Taking 20-to-30 minutes to walk your dog before tackling your next project can give you just the respite you need to clear your mind and get pumped up to move forward.

Tips For A New Working At Home Routine For Your Dog

Source: Bark Busters Essex 

  1. Separate your work space from your dog space and shut the door.  Even though your dog may choose to go elsewhere and nap during the day, if he has free access to you, he will most likely come and find you when he wakes up so it is important that your work area is off-limits.
  2. Establish a routine for interaction with your dog. For example, a 10–15 minute break mid-morning and again in the afternoon and half hour at lunchtime. Don’t give in to continuously stopping when they want attention.
  3. Your dog might be bothered by these changes at first, but do NOT go to your dog’s space if you hear any barking, whining or pacing. Only return when he’s calm and quiet.
  4. Help him settle by giving him something to occupy him such as toys, chews and puzzle games.
  5.  Remember If you don’t separate from your dog, he will have a hard time feeling comfortable by himself when you do have to leave him, so you are actually helping him in the long term. Practising separation while working at home will, therefore, help you both be more relaxed and happy, together or apart.

All of that said, Biscuit, my Border Terrier is quite happy with our new routine and will sit by my feet until he is bored then he’ll simply move off to find someone else more interesting. Happy healthy pets are a reward in themselves.

Giving Your Dog A New Routine

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