Eco-Sustainable Dog Chews

Eco-Sustainable Dog Chews

Eco-Sustainable Dog Chews is at the heart of our brand.

If you know us your will know bringing happiness to your dogs isn’t the only thing Staglers is worried about. At the heart of our brand is our eco-sustainability. Because we are aware of what taking things from the environment does we are working hard to make sure that what we do has a minimum impact.

So how do we do it?

Because Staglers share the same goals to make everyone happy whilst not having a negative impact on the environment. From collection, by hand, to ensuring we share transportation to limit our carbon footprint.

The Eco-sustainable Dog chews of the ground after the deer’s have shed them. We do this so that no harm comes to the Deer and that your dogs can still enjoy the benefits of our antlers .

Is it healthy for you dogs?

Yes, they are defiantly healthy for your dogs. Chewing on things as for a dog is really important, it can keep there teeth clean and can improve the strength of their teeth. Antlers are nothing more than healthy alternatives to other chewing toys if not there better not only for the environment but also for you fluffy friends

What size do I get my dog?

if your not to sure what size chew you should get your dog then we can definitely help you, with our size guide you will have the perfect size for you dog to enjoy. Staglers dog chews are a perfect way of shutting them up or distracting them while you get some time to yourself.

If you wish to contact us feel free we value your feedback more than anything. So what are you waiting for?


Staglers dog size chart