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Dog Treats Made Easy

Retriever with Stagler deer antler dog chew

Dog Treats Made Easy

So, what are they – a reward for ‘being good’, a pacifier, a training aid, or just because you’re getting ‘those eyes’ or because ‘you’re worth it’…….???

Ultimately, all of the above are potentially a good enough reason – apart from perhaps the pacifier, because if that’s the only route to pacify your pooch, then something earlier and more elementary has gone wrong and believe me, they’ll work that out in minutes and keep coming back for more – e.g. we all know of that dog that will fetch a ball, bring it back to your feet, drop it, nudge it until you throw it again, and again – and again……..potentially for the next 8 hours.

Do We Treat Dogs As Humans?

Cute dog with stagler

I guess we could make comparisons here to the human+human world – How many children are given a treat for ‘being good’….??? (and this can range from eating their dinner to doing their homework to passing their exams), how many times is a child seen with a pacifier (dummy), or perhaps, more worryingly, how many times is a treat used as a training aid. ‘If you sit quietly for the rest of the journey, we’ll go get a McDonalds’ (other fast-food outlets are available…..).  Saying that, in terms of our canine companions, a treat can be used as an invaluable training aide. Firstly, you only have to watchdog agility classes, gundog, and even police dog training.  Secondly, do we not generally ‘treat’ our loved ones when it comes to Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc. etc…..???

Confusing isn’t it……

Personally, I think balance and moderation are key. – ‘TREATS’, be they to our beloved pets or our human equivalent, always have their place.  Society has become an environment where ‘treats’ are the norm – Had a productive year at work??  Met those targets?? – here, have a pay rise….. HOWEVER – we don’t get a pay rise for just turning up (remember back to the 8-hour ball throwing…??).

Treats have their place

take a moment to reflect on how miserable life would be without the odd treat – a totally forgotten birthday or anniversary?? No recognition for all that time and effort put into a particular task??  Make them count, make them special, and on the odd occasion –  

‘just because they’re worth it’…….

Dog treat in the back of the car
Keep me happy in the back of the car, please!

Dog Treats Made Easy by John – to see the range we offer check out our home page.

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