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Dog Products Tested – Staglers

Dog Products tested – Staglers is a small family business that has been taking care of customers and their dogs since 2013.

We admire other small businesses who are seeing dog accessories and recognise they can improve upon them with new dog clothing designs, pet bedding etc. New materials such as bamboo, the growth of British Made products since Brexit and natural materials is all good for your dog.

When we first started we admired the dedication of the owner of  Pupcakes who bakes all her own dog biscuits. Want to know how your can get your paws on them, trot along to our site and add them to your basket!

Who else do we love to shout about?

in 2021 we approached a number of dog collar and dog lead companies. We have kept to our values. Natural, quality, long lasting and beautiful.  Keeping your canine friends on a leash is  a pleasure when the lead is a trend setting hand stitched lead. You deserve leather dog collars and leads in nice bright colours & designs.

We Need Your Help

We are looking for quality companies to expand our range on our website. If you know anyone who has great

Dog toys, puppy training aids, canine clothing or beautifully British made items let us know.

3 thoughts on “Dog Products Tested – Staglers

  1. Hi,

    We are a start up company selling dog collars and leads.
    Would it be possible to have my website added to your links/friends section?

    I’m more than happy to add you in our links section we are building up at the moment (not live yet until we have few links there 🙂 )

    We do leather dog collars and leads in nice bright colours & designs
    If you are happy to exchange links, could you let me know what you would like your link info to say.

    Kind Regards,

    Noora Ahokas
    woofstar products

    1. Sorry! I was not meaning to comment on the page but send you a private message/contact you regarding links…


    2. Thank you so much Noora.

      I have completion of this page on my to do list for June/July so we can look at your page and work together. Congratulations on setting up your new business.

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