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Dog Owners Love Reviews

Dog owners love reviews and are taking charge of their own feedback opportunity given to them through the excellent Reviews website.

Leave Your Review today and see your valued opinion in stars (sorry lights not available at this time!) Your moment to shine!


Introduced in 2017 the dedicated team at Staglers Ltd totally get the value of happy customer participation.

In the words of the old song “Do you wannabe in my gang?” It is as simple as sneaking up on your dog to take a photo. Did we say sneaking up on your dog? YES WE DID

Interesting fact – many dogs are a little camera shy. As soon as you get the iPhone out they stop what they are doing and look at you. As if to say It wasn’t me! Does this happen in your house?

Reviews from people like you.

“Excellent service, my bulldog loves his antlers from you. So no improvements needed as far as I’m concerned” Thanks Olive
Excellent product loved by my little dogs and immediate dispatch. Thora 

Vinnie says he loves them because they are;

Long lasting
Eliminate bad breath / tooth decay

Vinnie is a lucky dog, his mum (Chloe)  is a poet!



Another opportunity to SHOUT about Staglers is on our active Facebook page. We will always keep intouch and love to hear which chews have lasted the longest with which breed of dog. Sounds like the challenge is on.

Great owners. Really friendly and a local company too. – Jason

Our dogs absolutely love them!! They’re normally quite fussy but took to these immediately!! – Thanks Gillian

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