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Dog Friendly Holidays

Dog and owners in campervan at sunset

Dog Friendly Holidays is the woof on the on the street in 2022. Your beloved canine mate wants to go with you and everyone’s tails will be wagging if you plan ahead.

Here at Staglers we’ve been away for a short break so our thoughts are turning to your holidays. We thought it might be a good idea to chat about taking your dog away with you and give some top tips on how to bring the dog. After all, dogs are family right? Of course you want to take him on holiday with you. So, here are a few helpful hints that we’ve gathered together to make sure it’s a pleasurable trip for everyone.

dog running along beach by oscar sutton

Where Can I Go With My Dog?

Your destination. Is it actually somewhere your dog will enjoy?

If you’re going to stay in a cottage or B&B somewhere rural and aiming to do wonderful walks, then, of course, your pooch will love to be part of it. But if you’re going to a seaside resort where the beach is not dog-friendly and perhaps you’re taking your children who’ll want to spend their time making sand castles and (British weather permitting!) hopping in and out of the sea, it’s a bit more problematical. Where’s the dog while all this is going on?

Dog Friendly Holidays in Dorset, Devon or Cornwall

The Jurassic Coast has dog friendly beaches as well as fantastic variety of accommodation that are more than happy to accept dogs and other pets. With so many of them set in beautiful locations, your pup will be ecstatic with the miles of Dorset coast and countryside to explore.

Dog Friendly Visitor Attractions You Will Lap Up!

Visit your favourite attractions in Dorset and let your faithful companion join in the fun! With endless attractions and sites open to dogs, it is a dog walker’s haven; from historic castles to fascinating museums, you and your pup are spoilt for choice!

Do you want to visit local attractions where dogs may not be welcome? You will find many attractions now provide kennels, either free to use or with a nominal fee.

Most accommodation providers won’t let you leave your dog alone for obvious reasons, if you’re lucky it’s going to be too hot to leave the dog in the car, so someone’s going to have to miss the fun – all the time.

Labrador on a beach as sun sets
Fresh Air Makes Everything Lovely

Where Can I Take My Dog In Dorset?

Some towns have lots of dog-friendly pubs, cafes and restaurants, others not so much. Worth doing your homework to check you’re not going to have to exist on fish and chips on a bench every night. Or having to cook all the time which might not be a holiday for someone!

Let’s assume though that you’ve thought this through and decided that yours is going to be a dog-friendly holiday to remember!

Planning Your Dog Friendly Holiday is Essential

Pre Holiday – do you need pet insurance? Are all their jabs, wormers and flea treatment up to date? (as your dog may come into contact with new animals that may carry fleas, ticks or worms). Know were the local vet is to your accommodation. (Just in case, sorry).

Journey Time – plan your route with breaks for doggie toilet and drinks at least every 2 hours. Will they be safely travelling in a crate or with a harness? (Pop those poo bags in)

Hound with favourite duvet
My favourite bedding makes me feel at home


Top Tips When Taking Your Dog on Holiday

Food – take enough of your pooches favourite food with you for the whole trip. While you’re staying away is not the time to change your dog’s food only to find it doesn’t agree with him. The consequences are obvious!

Bed – always take your dog’s beloved bed with you, unless he sleeps in a hand-made dog-size four poster. They like continuity and routine.

Towels – take more dog-towels than you think you need. You have to be able to return to your accommodation with a fairly clean animal! (hey throw in the shampoo too!)

Lead – always take a spare lead. If one gets chewed through or lost and there’s no pet shop handy, you’re stuck.

Whistle – if you use one at home, you will definitely need it in the new and exciting environments.

Toys – Take a favourite toy, and, of course, take a Staglers deer antler dog chews. They leave no mess, they’ll keep your dog amused for ages and they’re healthy too.

Try to keep to a routine for your wonderful canine companion and enjoy your happy holidays!

Love John and Sandra @Staglers

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