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Does your dog sleep all day & night?

Does your dog sleep all day and night? Staglers

Does your dog sleep all day & night? Biscuit, our Border Terrier seems to be more than happy to find his favourite spots around the house for a quick snooze, including the washbasket! Where does your dog love to sleep? Some suggestions have included the sofa, because it smells of you or because you are out! The bed, at the top of the stairs, on the kids beds and in that sunny patch which is thrown on the carpet by the window is where you will find Biscuit.

Which breeds spend the most time sleeping and why?

We are cusious to see if you have the answers. Is it because you have worn them out with a brilliant, interesting walk and play? Is it because they are overweight/disinterested/bored/homealone? In an ever demanding world, time is precious for us and every dog owner we know are super dilligent when it comes to ensuring their pet is not allowed to get too bored. Either leaving a comforter or Stagler chew/ball/favourite toy or ensuring regular checkups.

How often have you heard someone say “I have to go now, I have left the dog at home”. Horsey people will also say, “got to go and change a rug or feed the pony”. You know how dedicated people are when it is during a Sunday lunch, birthday party or social gathering.

Yes we know there is a cat in here…………………………….

So, back to does your dog sleep all day & night? We all feel lathargic from time to time and it is no different for your dog. If  they love to drink from the fish pond. Remember if your dog is dehydrated it can mess with their ability to digest their food and extract toxins from the body.

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