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Do Staglers Make Their Own Dog Chews

Do Staglers Make Their Own Dog Chews? Yes, we cut all of our deer antler dog chews by hand. The deer kindly drop them every year, naturally, after the rut (the mating season) regrowing them during the following summer.

Are Deer Antlers Safe for Dogs?

Deer Antlers are a popular choice of chew for many dog owners.  There are various types available original or split versions and yes they are safe.

Deer antler dog chews are not all equal
The durability of the antler can be seen in the size of the outside ring. Thicker will last longer.
Staglers 100% Natural Deer Antler Lazy Dog Chew -natural healthy teeth cleaning pet treat
Staglers 100% Natural Deer Antler Split Lazy Dog Chew -natural healthy teeth cleaning pet treat

Things to Consider Before Buying Deer Antler Dog Chews.

Where have they come from? We will only buy top-quality deer antler to cut into chews for your dog. This is for quality and to ensure they last.

Staglers 9 inch natural eco friendly deer antler dog chews for pets








  • Grade A Brown: Antler in perfect condition with no fading and only very minor chips…no broken tines or chew marks…antler picked up within a few weeks or months of the buck dropping it.
  •  B Brown: Antler may have a broken tine, chips and chew marks, but still natural brown color with no fading.


Staglers deer antler on a walking stick





  •  White Grade A:  Antler faded and weathered to white but still in perfect condition with only very minor chips and chew marks and no broken tines…may have hairline cracks but still smooth to the touch…antler may have been on the ground for only 3 or 4 months or up to 2 years.
  • Whiter Grade B: Antler faded and weathered to white…may have broken tines, chips, and chew marks, but still smooth to the touch.
  • Poorer quality Grade C White/Chalk: Antler has deep cracks, shows heavy weathering, and is rough to the touch… an antler in this condition that has started to crumble has almost no value…a chalk antler has been lying on the ground for 3 years or more.

We can Personalise the Chew Shape to Your Dog

It may shock you to see that many UK companies selling deer antler dog chews buy them already pre cut.

That is why, if you take the time to compare sizes, you will see they are selling smaller chews for similar money.

“Small is a small right?” Wrong

Have you noticed their disclaimers Please note: As this is a natural product, the size, colour, and shape may differ from the picture shown.

Natural product so some things will differ, but by cutting our own we can ensure your pictures are a true representation.

split deer antler

Do Staglers Make Their Own Dog Chews? Just Ask John

Our website is designed to get to know you and your dog. How John works on every chew, cuts it, know the d

By Telling us in the notes what type of dog you have and the chew type, John will match his cutting to your need to the best of his human ability.

How Does It Work When I Order A Staglers Deer Anter Dog Chew?

John reads your order and if you fill in the additional info, bingo we can help you.

John takes a pristine antler and calculates the cuts to get your desired order.

Do Split Chews Make Great Puppy Treats

The split chews, (Currently sold out until November 2021) are perfect for those little needle teeth that want some thing to keep them occupied.

ORDER UPDATE: 21.10.21 Our new, 2021 dropped deer antler chews are on their way across land. Sign up for our newsletter to ensure you get a reminder when they land.

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