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Delivery Delay Demands Clear Communication

John Snellin, Staglers deer antler dog chews owner and border terrier Contact Us

Delivery Delay Demands Clear Communication and we have been tested this month. We owe you an apology if we have kept you waiting.

Christmas orders were flooding in early this year

The stocks of lazy dog chews,  9″, 12″ and Jumbos started to dwindle in October.

We did delay our re-order slightly as the uncertainty of Brexit cautioned us not to throw out money into Europe only to find the goods got stuck at the border.

The stock was sitting there so we confirmed our  Customs Declaration Registration, awaited the news from Government – delay.

The green light for me to pick up the phone to Spain organize the beautiful naturally shed antler to set off to the UK.

Delivery dates set and delivery expected to land on Friday 22nd November

We notified you on the website delivery would be from 25th. Shoolgirl error No.1.

Too Quick Off The DrawStaglers impressive deer antler delivery arrives

My Wife’s zealous love for marketing and her creativity with Mailchimp delivered our newsletter to your inbox.

Confidence in our new website was boosted when our developers said the enticing words

“You can show items on your site on backorder, simply ensure you state on the product page expected delivery date.”

Faster than a jackrabbit can run Mrs. PS’s fingers were dancing across the keyboard.

Adding pre-order  availability and typing in the anticipated  dispatch dates

The bestlaid plans of mice and men often go awry.

No matter how carefully a project is planned, something may still go wrong with it. (Thank you,  Mr Robert Burns, for your saying from  “To a Mouse,” -“The best-laid schemes o’ mice)

Always Chase Up The Facts

Organizing my weekend was my top priority! So decided to give Spain a little call on Thursday 21st November to establish when the lorry was arriving here.

“Oh, Ah, basically there’s been a transport dispute in Spain and they only left today, We estimate 5-6 working days for delivery to you in the UK. So Sorry”

AHHHHHHHH. This was all becoming New territory for us. We are all learning about pre-orders and back-orders on big shopping sites but our questions was


basically there’s been a transport dispute in Spain and they only left Albacete today (which I’m bloody annoyed about!!). They estimate 5-6 working days for delivery so I’m hopeful for them arriving next Thursday/Friday and then I’ll be cutting like a man possessed …!!!


Our Spanish driver took the long route and only delivered yesterday. 27th November 2019

Mrs P-S Immediately updated the website to reflect this, but I appreciate not all of you may not have seen this.

We have answered some personal calls, and emails. Thankfully you have all been hugely understanding of my delayed delivery.

So Now I am A Slave To The Rhythm Of My Saw

I will be busy cutting this weekend, labelling and packaging the orders out in a first-come, first-served basis. Mr RK you are first!

You have my sincere apologies, which resulted from a supply stumble over the 31st October political climate. 

Staglers is thriving. The election is around the corner. The dogs of the UK will not have any more delays.

Delivery Delay Demands Clear Communication by Sandra Palmer-Snellin. 28.11.19

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