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Deer Antler Stocktake Complete

chews ready to go
A fraction of the chews cut, labelled and ready to go!

Deer Antler Stocktake Complete and we have to say thank goodness for the help!

Stocktaking deer antler dog chews can be a steady process but we are pleased with the results. We have lots and lots of some sizes, and quite a few of the others…………..:) This helps us deliver you the best customer service as we have the stock you require and deliver, on time, every time.

We believe our deer antler stocktake gives you and your dog better customer service. How does it work?

  • It will assist you in ordering and cutting fresh and replacement stock more accurately
  • Businesses can hold stocks of raw materials which are to be used in its production processes, stocks of finished goods ready to be sold to its customers
  • Audit: Having an up to date stock inventory can aid in tracking stock held by the business.
  • Control: Retaining large amounts of unsold stock can be both costly and take up a lot of unnecessary storage space.
  • Prudence: Controlling stock means the business is efficient as no unsold stock is allowed to pile up and there is less risk of stock spoilage.
  • Accounting Purposes: At the end of each accounting period a stock take or inventory is done which is a physical counting of each item of stock the business has on its premises. An adjustment has to be made so that the closing stock is deducted from the opening stock of the previous year plus additional purchases made in the current year.
  • Competition: Businesses with adequate and well monitored stock levels are more competitive and offer a better service to their customers. The purchasing departments should liaise effectively with the sales department so that there is sufficient stock for existing and potential customers. This will help the business stay on track by not losing customers but adequately fulfilling customer requirements on time.
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