Deer Antler dog chews

deer antler dog chews

Our Healthy deer antler dog chews are not only 100% natural but are also eco-sustainable this is because we want to make sure that your dogs can enjoy a nice treat while not harming the environment.

How do we get our antlers?

Deer naturally grow antlers for mating season which consumes a lot of energy and time so during May-April they grow them, after the rut or mating season the stags are extremely exhausted so they cast off their antlers. Antlers are cast of at different times normally between 1-2 days in between meaning that it’s rare that you find a matching pair. Our team goes out into the wilderness to fine these magnificent spectacles and bring them to your door step.

How can you be sure that our dogs will love them?

it’s not the outside that matters, for dogs it’s the inside of the antlers that they want. The inside contains healthy nutrients such as calcium that helps promote strong bone growth but in order to get to that yummy insides they have to gnawing through the outside which also helps improve their health by providing them with a natural dental chew these deer antlers scrape of plaque as your puppy plays with them giving them clean and healthy teeth.

what size would be better for my puppy?

Every dog prefers it’s own size to make sure that it can get the same health benefits without getting overwhelmed by the size so that’s why at Staglers we have our own size guide so that you can provide your furry friends with a right sized bone and still getting the right health benefits.

Staglers dog size chart