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Customers Review Why They Love Staglers

Customers Review Why They Love Staglers. Feedback is important to us and it shows just how good your creative juices are when you step up and review us.

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What Do Dog Owners Say About Staglers?

Customer Service That Delivers

 Amazing customer service and super fast delivery, arrived in less than 24 hours of me placing the order! The Lazy ones are a BRILLIANT invention, my dog can usually only get in to the top-and-tail of the antlers, so having one that’s already wide open is simply genius! We shall be back for more soon 🙂 Rich & Eska The Malamute
Newfoundland Loves Staglers Jawsome 9" Deer Antler Dog Chew

Do These Chews Last For Big Dogs? – Yes XL, Jumbo’s, 9″ & 12″

“Brilliant massive antlers for a heavy chewer! One of the giant ones can last a year and this is for a dog that can destroy ANYTHING!! Great service and brilliant value. Thank you.” Angela B 

It really is a great dog chew product………
They are the only thing my dog hasn’t destroyed in 3 seconds. He loves his and 2 months on antler is still going strong. U think they are expensive but believe me for dogs who need tough chews and toys these are priceless

Staglers brilliant! Having a Staffie who chews through most toys (even the tough ones) at a hell of a rate she finds Staglers a bit more challenging so they last a lot longer (months longer which saves me money!) As well as keeping her teeth and gums healthy she has also found she can not only chew them but “dribble” them around the tiled floor like a footballer – great fun! Anon

Rescue Dogs Love Staglers Chews

“We are so thankful for Staglers! My German Shepherd dog loved the large antlers which cleaned his teeth beautifully. .. The antlers last for ages, and the benefits are enormous, saving us vet/dentist bills. Completely safe, unlike alternatives like raw hide chews and animal bones where there is real risk of intestinal blockages or perforation. Can’t recommend these products enough. And just to say we always rescue our animals – please encourage your customers to rescue and not encourage puppy mania!!! Jane 

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What did your dog do with theirs?

“Staglers are a first class and first choice dog chew our Glen of Imarl cross Dandy Dimott terrier she absolutely loves them .

Dogs canine tooth with plaque

Vet Recommendation to remove Plaque

“In the past she has demolished in very short time most toys including the medium size Kongs and as our vet doesn’t recommend bones we looked for something that would satisfy her want to chew and the vet recommended the Staglers . She has now been chewing them for 2/3 years and has never tired of them. If she mislays them she will come and sit in front of us and bark till we move the sofa over for her to retrieve them. We have recommended them to all the people we meet with new puppies and to all the doggie owners in the park and they all have said they have been a success with all their dogs. Our Mistie is nearly seven now and the vet says her teeth and gums are extremely healthy and as yet we haven’t had to have her teeth cleaned”

“Hi there, I have two dogs, one Labrador and one Border Terrier. They both love Staglers and our vet says they do amazing things for our dog’s teeth. They are the best cleaner for dogs that he’s seen in all of his years work as a vet.”

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Who Uses Staglers Deer Antler Dog Chews?

Dog groomers, dog walkers, doggie daycare, dog trainers, gamekeepers, puppy socialisation classes, dog anxiety nurses and many more.

Staglers deer antler on a walking stick

Is It A Dog Chew, Not It Is A Walking Stick Handle!

That you for your help I now have a new antler handle for my walking stick’!

Staglers are a great treat/reward for a working dog after a training session, will keep a  dog amused for ages. K Hurst – Gamekeeper 

Weimaraner love Staglers Deer antler dog chews testimonial   Staglers gives great Company Service to a Cockapoo Testimonial