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Hi, I am John Palmer-Snellin and I welcome you to my exciting family business!

My relationship with you will be personal, in a good way! At Staglers  I guarantee to give you one to one service. Your antler will be cut by me, made up by me, and sent to you swiftly so your dog or puppy does not have to wait.

Your feedback helps shape our awesome business. How? Because your ‘contact us’ questions come directly to me so I can always offer you my personal attention.  After all, I am working for you and your dogs pleasure to guarantee success for us all!  Please feel free to contact me directly on our form below.

Contact Us

Your communication with us is important so I aim to respond within a day and but challenge myself to be quicker!

Who am I?

Until I “retired” I was the lead Wildlife Officer for Dorset Police for 12 years. I have the knowledge, experience and absolute passion to help you, and deliver a fast, quality, professional service. Please feel free to ask any questions to do with dogs, deer or a multitude of other wildlife and domestic animal issues.  With your feedback I can totally focus on our business aim. Put simply – TO OFFER YOU AND YOUR PET THE VERY BEST TOP GRADE, NATURALLY FALLEN, DEER ANTLER DOG CHEWS.

Since beginning Staglers in early 2013, I have researched, sourced, hand cut the antlers myself, labelled, packaged & dispatched – and met lots of fascinating people!  My promise to you – STAGLERS – one of the best, 100% natural, eco-friendly, edible dog treats on the market.

Further, they are both hypo-allergenic and gluten/fat free and compliment dogs who require a special diet – RAW/BARF etc. Remember chewing can help clean teeth, remove plaque and improve the condition of their gums. Best yet, they are durable and feature an appetising scent irresistible to dogs.

Staglers Contact Us Details

For general information E-mail:

For purchasing and online sales enquiries: e-mail:

Good old fashioned letter is also welcomed.

Staglers, Dongara, Wareham Road, Organford, Poole, Dorset BH16 6EU

Yours, John Palmer-Snellin

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    13 thoughts on “Contact Us

    1. A huge thank you for the very fast delivery. I purchased a medium sized antler after a recommendation from my fiancee. My West Highland Terrier, was initially puzzled by the antler but after two minutes he was proudly carrying it around as if to show it off as his new possession and then settled down to some serious gnawing and chewing.
      Very fast delivery and highly recommended indeed.

    2. Recived my order today , thanks prompt delivery, hopefully the mutts will enjoy the new biscuits in their Christmas stockings as much as they enjoy the antlers .

      1. Cheers Tara, thanks for the very kind comments – Happy Christmas to the mutts!!!



      1. George, thank you for getting intouch. The price was for 1 antler approx 1.5kg. We are unable to ship outside the UK at the moment.

    4. dissapointed

      1. We are pleased to say we have spoken to Judith and the confusion is cleared up over delivery and her dogs are now enjoying Staglers. I trust it will be months before they finish them!

    5. My little dog is the size of a Jack Russell and his initial experience with a stag antler was my friend’s Rottweilers jumbo one 2 years ago. He claimed it as his own, dragged it round and gnawed it down to just 1″ in a fortnight (a record I am sure but he did go at it with vigour for at least 5 hrs each day)! I’ve never looked back since… he always has 3 or 4 to choose from at any one time and still loves them. I would never recommend anyone buy them from any other source than yourselves as your prices and the quality of the product is far superior.

      1. Thank you for your order Donna!

    6. Great products, great service. My puppy thanks you (as do I)!

      1. Thanks so much Anna, your comments mean alot to us! We are so glad your puppy is happy too.

    7. Why doesn’t your website recognise my e-mail address or my password which I have used to buy Staglers before?

      David Evans

      1. Happy to see you placed an order after this query. If there is anything else I can help you with please feel free to contact me again. Our website has been updated during yesterday and today so we are hoping all goes smoothly. Thanks for your order David. John

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