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Congratulations to PDSA Slimmer Dogs

Congratulations to PDSA Slimmer Dogs

Linking in with our post from earlier this month we are so pleased to see ITV raising awareness with the PDSA launching their Pet Fit Club. If you are concerned about your pet, sign up TODAY!

Quite rightly the PDSA warns of pet obesity crisis fuelled by bad diets. Over weight rabbits, cats, dogs and other animals need to be given a chance. Just like their human owners, the evils of snacks, cheese, crisps, biscuits, cake, take away food and chocolate, are causing obesity in the pet world as well as the human population.

The truth is there are over 5.5 million animals being fed treats every day and vets are worried. Did you know this can actually shorten your pet’s life. Lack of exercise is also a contributing factor.

Not only are our animals growing around their waistlines but fat is coating their inner organs. The problem is predicted to grow. I am sure our pet aware readers will know that

many overweight pets develop potentially life-threatening conditions such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes, as well as debilitating conditions including arthritis as a direct result of being overweight.
Staglers supports PDSA Pet Fit Club
From the PDSA image library.

Pet obesity – The PDSA facts

  • Over 5.5 million pets – more than 3.3 million dogs, 2 million cats and 168,000 rabbits – are given daily treats*
  • Over 4 million UK pets (dogs, cats and rabbits) are fed scraps as their main meal**
  • Nearly 9 million owners give their pets treats because they believe it makes their furry friend feel happy*****
  • 88% of owners believe overweight pets have a shorter lifespan
  • 60% of owners think overweight pets are less happy
  • 39% of dogs, 43% of cats and 36% of rabbit owners surveyed by the PDSA give their pets treats because they believe it makes them feel happy.
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