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Bournemouth University Google+ Partnership

Bournemouth University Google+ Partnership approaced Staglers to assist their students. The project was a great success and both students and Staglers benefited.

Staglers is one of 11 businesses on the #Bournemouth University #@SchoolofTourism day. Because 4 Bournemouth University social media students worked directly creating ideas it went towards their 3rd year qualifications. We are wagging our tails to be included in their  Google Online Marketing Challenge (#@GOMCHA). Many partners make up the team including Dr Philip Alford #@philipalford and The Digital Hub. They put together an enlighting experience all about the power of Google+.

The students have a hard year this year with many assignments to hand in and a tight timeline. We would appeal to any of our customers, business partners and Facebook friends to let us know if you are currently using Google+. If so we would love to link with you later this month.


Bournemouth University Google+ Partnership

SchoolofTourism Partners
A great day for the School of Tourism at Bournemouth University

One of the leading B2B Marketing Agencies in Dorset were on hand to inspire everyone on the things to come. They carved a path through the world of Google and things to come for businesses. Who where they,  INTERGAGE OF COURSE. Their information was brilliant, educational, positive and visionary. And even better they are on our doorstep in Poole. Thanks Paul Tansey #@intergage

You can learn more about Intergage and how they can support your business here.

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