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Delivery Delay Demands Clear Communication

By on November 28th, 2019 in News
Staglers deer antler dog chew owner John guarantees fast service Delivery Delay Demands Clear Communication and we have been tested this month. We owe you an apology if we have kept you waiting. Christmas orders were flooding in early this year The stocks of lazy dog chews,  9", 12" and Jumbos started to dwindle in October. We did delay our re-order slightly as the uncertainty of Brexit cautioned us not to throw out money into Europe only to find the go...Read more

Human Tragedy Encourages Self Improvement

By on October 27th, 2019 in News

Human Tragedy Encourages Self Improvement in the Palmer Snellin family. Sadly my daughter lost a life long 14yr old school friend to suicide in 2019.

"I went to school with his mum and the ripple effect on everyone his life touched has been immense." Said Sandra,, John's wife. "You don't realize the huge problem teenagers are having with social image and technology adjustment. I...Read more

Are Dogs An Anti-Aging Cure?

By on October 14th, 2019 in Dogs and animals

Are dogs an anti-aging cure? We believe so! The benefits of a companion dog in later life are well documented. A proven recipe for the wellbeing of both dog and owner.  Loneliness, as we grow older, is a real and present danger and one that could potentially be addressed with the inclusion of a four-legged friend.

We probably all know someone, maybe a relative or close fr...Read more

‘Antlers in the Rut’, what’s that all about then???……..

By on October 14th, 2019 in Dogs and animals, Products
Stag deer antler Pixabay free image

‘Antlers in the Rut’, what’s that all about then? I'll try to dispel some myths. So, what exactly is Deer Antler made of…???  It must be bone?  Is it the hair?  Then surely horn or is it similar to fingernails?  Perhaps something else entirely…..???

Well, go to the top of the class if you said ‘BONE’ – Yep, that’s exactly what it is, and its actually a bizarre ...Read more

Hedgehog Rescue and Hibernation

By on October 14th, 2019 in Dogs and animals, News

Hedgehog rescue and hibernation weights are a passion of mine at the moment. It all started when we realised we had 5 hedgehogs visiting our garden.

Hedgehogs are one of the few mammals that are true hibernators. Hibernation is complicated. It is often a perilous energy conservation strategy. It is not just ‘going to sleep.’

In sleep, all bodily functions remain nea...Read more

Have You Got Hedgehogs and Dogs?

By on October 14th, 2019 in Dogs and animals, News

A Prickly Situation……

Have you got hedgehogs and dogs living side by side in your garden? Have you looked at night with a torch? Apart from dogs (and quite a few other animals if I’m honest), I have a particular fascination with – Hedgehogs (aka ‘Hedgepigs’, ‘Lil Hogheads’, ‘Spikey Monkey’ etc……)

Theses amazing, elusive, odd-looking little creatures do SO MUCH good in th...Read more

Dog Treats Made Easy

By on October 8th, 2019 in News
Retriever with Stagler deer antler dog chew

Dog Treats Made Easy

So, what are they – a reward for ‘being good’, a pacifier, a training aid, or just because you’re getting ‘those eyes’ or because ‘you’re worth it’…….???

Ultimately, all of the above are potentially a good enough reason - apart from perhaps the pacifier, because if that’s the only route to pacify your pooch, then something earlier and more elementary...Read more

From little acorns, mighty vets bills will grow’

By on October 7th, 2019 in Dogs and animals
Autumn winter acorn

‘From little acorns, mighty vets bills will grow’…….

I know of several dogs who just love to chase around with an acorn, dropping it, picking it up, repeat again, and again, and again…..

Whilst this behavior is, in the main, quite safe. After all, nature has just provided a whole new natural toy box. Remember there are inherent dangers if our furry friends start to explo...Read more

How to stop my dog’s bad breath

By on September 7th, 2019 in Dogs and animals, News
Clean teeth with Staglers to avoid Dog Breath

How to stop my dog's bad breath, commonly known as Dog Breath!

Your dog is sitting next to you. Gazing lovingly into your eyes. Then opens his or her mounth and you are left not so inlove. Sound familiar? Firstly, looking after your dog's teeth is as important as looking after our own. People were trained to brush their teeth The toothbrush was not invented until 1938. ...Read more

How Could taking my dog to Work Help?

By on September 4th, 2019 in Dogs and animals, News
Taking your dog to work from Staglers How Could taking my dog to Work Help? is our buzz question of the week. We have Biscuit, our Border Terrier, here with us and find the benefit rewarding. Do you have you dog in your workplace? Attitudes are changing, 40 years ago, it used to be certain professions, farmers, Police, rescue services who all have trained dogs. When we were children the dogs stayed at home with mum, who was worked ...Read more
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