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Staglers Last Christmas Order Dates

Dog with Christmas present

Staglers Last Christmas Order Dates- We are a positive thinking Company and have plenty of stock of all chews. The website is being updated constantly. We love your feedback and know you are all busy owners.

We are here to help you get organized. Making it simple to reward your faithful friend with a chew that will last well into the new year and even next Spring!

Your dog will thank you and may even decide his/her present is healthier than those naughty scraps from the Christmas table!

Now is the best time to purchase your Christmas present for your best friend! Staglers deer antler dog chews Christmas present and gift ideas for your petStaglers’ Christmas last order date is  Tuesday 17th December by 11am

Our Christmas last dispatch date is  Wednesday 18th December.

We listened last year and have set the date based on feedback and guaranteed postage times. The high demand for our long-lasting product in 2017 means we are definitely going to be ready in the dispatch department!

Remember  Staglers Deer Antler Dog Chews are the “Pawfect” Festive Gift for Good Dogs? Also guaranteed to last into the New Year, giving you great value for money in the long run!

Healthy and instinctively loved by dogs, you will be impressed that this mineral packed treat is not sticky or smelly! If you have a new puppy then a lazy dog chew will be your best choice of puppy chew, ideal if they are cutting their adult teeth at this time.

Rewarding your dog makes you both feel good, and unwrapping a Stagler is a fun Christmas indulgence you both can afford!


  • when we say long-lasting we mean weeks, in fact, this present will still be going into the new year
  • as nature intended- no preservatives or additives
  • won’t splinter or chip
  • good for keeping teeth clean
  • low fat
  • encourages mastication
  • sizes for all breeds
Christmas dog looking at biscuits staglers
Biscuits are all well and good but they don’t last! Where is my Stagler I wished for?
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Delivery Delay Demands Clear Communication

Staglers deer antler dog chew owner John guarantees fast service

Delivery Delay Demands Clear Communication and we have been tested this month. We owe you an apology if we have kept you waiting.

Christmas orders were flooding in early this year

The stocks of lazy dog chews,  9″, 12″ and Jumbos started to dwindle in October.

We did delay our re-order slightly as the uncertainty of Brexit cautioned us not to throw out money into Europe only to find the goods got stuck at the border.

The stock was sitting there so we confirmed our  Customs Declaration Registration, awaited the news from Government – delay.

The green light for me to pick up the phone to Spain organize the beautiful naturally shed antler to set off to the UK.

Delivery dates set and delivery expected to land on Friday 22nd November

We notified you on the website delivery would be from 25th. Shoolgirl error No.1.

Too Quick Off The DrawStaglers impressive deer antler delivery arrives

My Wife’s zealous love for marketing and her creativity with Mailchimp delivered our newsletter to your inbox.

Confidence in our new website was boosted when our developers said the enticing words

“You can show items on your site on backorder, simply ensure you state on the product page expected delivery date.”

Faster than a jackrabbit can run Mrs. PS’s fingers were dancing across the keyboard.

Adding pre-order  availability and typing in the anticipated  dispatch dates

The bestlaid plans of mice and men often go awry.

No matter how carefully a project is planned, something may still go wrong with it. (Thank you,  Mr Robert Burns, for your saying from  “To a Mouse,” -“The best-laid schemes o’ mice)

Always Chase Up The Facts

Organizing my weekend was my top priority! So decided to give Spain a little call on Thursday 21st November to establish when the lorry was arriving here.

“Oh, Ah, basically there’s been a transport dispute in Spain and they only left today, We estimate 5-6 working days for delivery to you in the UK. So Sorry”

AHHHHHHHH. This was all becoming New territory for us. We are all learning about pre-orders and back-orders on big shopping sites but our questions was


basically there’s been a transport dispute in Spain and they only left Albacete today (which I’m bloody annoyed about!!). They estimate 5-6 working days for delivery so I’m hopeful for them arriving next Thursday/Friday and then I’ll be cutting like a man possessed …!!!


Our Spanish driver took the long route and only delivered yesterday. 27th November 2019

Mrs P-S Immediately updated the website to reflect this, but I appreciate not all of you may not have seen this.

We have answered some personal calls, and emails. Thankfully you have all been hugely understanding of my delayed delivery.

So Now I am A Slave To The Rhythm Of My Saw

I will be busy cutting this weekend, labelling and packaging the orders out in a first-come, first-served basis. Mr RK you are first!

You have my sincere apologies, which resulted from a supply stumble over the 31st October political climate. 

Staglers is thriving. The election is around the corner. The dogs of the UK will not have any more delays.

Delivery Delay Demands Clear Communication by Sandra Palmer-Snellin. 28.11.19

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Who exactly is this ‘John’ character?

John Snellin Stood on steps

Who exactly is this ‘John’ character?

You’ll know him as the man that helps you keep your dog satisfied. But let me tell you a little more about the man behind the brand Staglers Deer Antler Dog Chews!

Well, he’s 58yrs old (though luckily only looks 57….), 6’2” ‘athletic build’ and of original ‘East London’ stock….

When his parents moved out to Essex (yes, I know – an ‘Essex Boy’ also…!!!) in the mid 70’s, John went to Grammar school before deciding that school had no attraction, and although leaving with some decent O & A levels, decided that he wanted to be – A GAMEKEEPER…..

So, off he went to an estate in Suffolk and learned some of the trade. He found that rather a drag, so came back to the bright lights of the big city – LONDON (and was still only 17).

Keeping Fit Was Good Training

Working for a Merchant Bank in the City as a ‘foot messenger’. This entailed, basically, running all over London to get payments delivered by hand before the close of business.  It was whilst doing this that John displayed a witty “rudeness and poor manners” that would shape the course of his life forever…..

Whilst commuting to work one day on ‘the tube’, he started reading over the shoulder of a fellow commuters newspaper – how dreadfully rude…..

And there it was – an almost cartoon type advert for ‘The Royal Marines’……!!!  Men with daggers in their teeth, jumping out of helicopters, thrashing through jungles, laden with kit and weapons, going all over the world!!!

As impulsive as teenagers can be, he paid a quick visit to the recruiting office the same lunchtime. Naively he offered ‘I can start Monday’! He was met with the steely-eyed reply of – ‘whoa there lofty, let’s talk’…..

Well, it all eventually happened, and he joined the Commando Training Centre at Lympstone in Devon, ‘passing out’ with flying colours 8 months later. Running all over London as a messenger had obviously paid off…..

Giving Himself For Queen And Country

He went here, he went there, and all over. He even celebrated his 21st Birthday whilst in the Falklands conflict 🙁 Moving on to spend 2yrs in Hong Kong mainly driving boats at ridiculous speeds, but that’s a story for another day.

John was based at the Marine camp in Poole, Dorset from the early ’80s. He very quickly decided that this was where he wanted to settle and has, (apart from a brief sojourn into Wiltshire) remained here ever since.

After 9yrs in the Royal Marines John, being John, had itchy feet again and needed another challenge…..

There is always a What’s Next.

So, he left, applied for the three nearest Police Forces. Wiltshire Police were the first to say ‘yes’, so he went there for a few years doing mostly firearms related stuff and became one of Sir Edward Heath’s close protection officers for 3yrs.

John was even summoned to attend Mr. Heath’s funeral in 2005 as a mark of respect and his gratitude for service.

Transferring to Dorset Police in the mid-’90s, his love, and knowledge of all things wildlife and the great outdoors were recognized when he was appointed as the first and only full-time Force Wildlife Officer.

Retiring from Dorset Police in mid-2012 (the same year his father carried the Olympic Torch!!), John took a short sabbatical until ‘itchy feet’ kicked in again and he needed another challenge – spring 2013, STAGLERS WAS BORN…..!!!

Check Staglers Website or if you are a Facebook Lover Here’s Your Connection!

John’s Interests Need Satisfying

  • Cooking. Thank goodness he’s the head chef at home for wife Sandra and teenagers James & Pippa.
  • Falconry. Respecting the skill and beauty of these birds and their beauty in the natural order of nature.
  • Hedgehog conservation. Making houses and feeding our garden visitors to ensure they are up to weight for hibernation.
  • Kayaking, getting out on Poole Harbour and surrounding himself with the beautiful environment.
  • Long-range target rifle shooting (he was the UK Open Champion at Bisley 5yrs in a row, that takes commitment and patience!).
  • Photography.  This selfless passion is another example of an eye for detail. Earning him a great reputation amongst friends and colleagues.

John Snellin with falcon on fist


It’s fair to say – John ALWAYS wants to be the center of attention and is almost childlike save for his acerbic wit and attention to detail. Many (including his long-suffering wife) describes him as ‘Marmite’……..

Maybe it’s his attention to detail that has put Staglers where they are. He honestly won’t go for second best or the ‘that’ll do’ attitude.  Always listening to and servicing customers’ personal requests with vigor. Only ever sourcing the very finest ‘A Grade’ ethically dropped products, and just going that extra mile. However, YOU try living with him……!!!!

Who exactly is this ‘John’ character? (wonder who wrote this…..) xxx

John Snellin Director of Staglers Deer Antler Dog Chew Company
Hello To You And Thank You For Getting To Know Me!
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Human Tragedy Encourages Self Improvement

Human Tragedy Encourages Self Improvement in the Palmer Snellin family. Sadly my daughter lost a life long 14yr old school friend to suicide in 2019.

“I went to school with his mum and the ripple effect on everyone his life touched has been immense.” Said Sandra,, John’s wife. “You don’t realize the huge problem teenagers are having with social image and technology adjustment. It is too much for many.”

As a family we decided to pick up the challenge. I have a replaced knee & my wife a replaced hip but exercise is great for both. In October we joined our friends on a well-organized wall across the Purbeck Hills along the Jurassic Coast. So many people walk and run for charity, and charity walking with dogs makes so much sense.

Beach Run For Charity
My Wife surprised herself when walking 10K with me across the Purbeck Hills and then decided to run the 5k Home.

Running for charity is fun, until the last few kilometers, when digging deep is key. We understand the motivation to help charities is personal to each individual’s human situation.

Will’s mother, Les, has set up the charity to help young people who may be finding life tough, struggling to cope with daily life   #WillDoes

“We arranged to complete the 10K across the Purbecks in the walking group. My husband John and daughter Pippa walked to the top of the Purbeck Hills where the views were inspiring. At the 5K mark, a friend ran past me and I thought “I can run for a bit too”. I set off trotting across the grass. With the support of other runners, Vicky and Val, I managed 5K! Imagine my surprise, joy and later sore ankles!”

Human Tragedy Encourages Self Improvement by Sandra Palmer-Snellin, Staglers Ltd

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Are Dogs An Anti-Aging Cure?

Are Dogs An Anti-Aging Cure

Are dogs an anti-aging cure? We believe so! The benefits of a companion dog in later life are well documented. A proven recipe for the wellbeing of both dog and owner.  Loneliness, as we grow older, is a real and present danger and one that could potentially be addressed with the inclusion of a four-legged friend.

We probably all know someone, maybe a relative or close friend who feels empty after the passing of a loved one or partner.  Maybe those elderly parents feel that they have an empty home after the children have flown the coup and are making their own lives…..  Fear not – help is at hand (or possibly on four legs……)

Likewise, countless dogs are out there in rescue centres wondering if they’ll ever find their forever dog-friendly home – I see matchmaking and love blossoming here…..

What Are The Benefits?

That well-matched pooch could well bring a new lease of life to the household and even a reason for getting up each morning.  It might be just mutual closeness and affection during those evenings when both parties want nothing more than to cuddle up on the sofa and feel appreciated……

A fluffy four-legged reason to leave the house even – It’s so easy to become something of a recluse as we grow older if we have no other commitments or incentives to do otherwise.  Just a short walk or two each day will repay huge dividends – exercise, fresh air, interaction with others – A PURPOSE…..

What If I Can Not Walk For Long Distances?

Some of the smaller breeds require very little exercise but the attention and affection they can give during those long lonely evenings are immeasurable.

Obviously the ‘match’ has to be right and rescue centers, in particular, are well-practiced at this and will work very hard to ensure that the pairing works for all concerned.

Are Dogs An Anti-Aging Cure?

It’s not all plain sailing of course – I have elderly relatives who have had dogs most of their married life until the last (black lab) passed away about 5yrs ago. They also had very fond memories of a Jack Russel they had many many years ago and after much thought and deliberation – sourced a new ‘Jack’ pup…..

Love Conquers All

Well, he settled in rather well, became part of the day to day household and gave them both so much joy.  Until THAT day, whilst spinning like a whirling dervish on his lead as only a Jack Russel pup can do, he tripped up the lady of the house, she fell – and ended up with a broken leg…..!!!  The beautiful footnote to this story is – she absolutely adores him, places no blame his way, wouldn’t change him for the world – and actually had tears in her eyes when he greeted her on her return from hospital……..

Are Dogs An Anti-Aging Cure by John Snellin CALL TO ACTION

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‘Antlers in the Rut’, what’s that all about then???……..

Stag deer antler Pixabay free image

‘Antlers in the Rut’, what’s that all about then? I’ll try to dispel some myths. So, what exactly is Deer Antler made of…???  It must be bone?  Is it the hair?  Then surely horn or is it similar to fingernails?  Perhaps something else entirely…..???

Well, go to the top of the class if you said ‘BONE’ – Yep, that’s exactly what it is, and its actually a bizarre extension of the skull…!! 

The antler is joined to the skull by the ‘pedicle’, sometimes referred to as the ‘coronet’ owing to its crown-like appearance.

It’s All About The Stags.

Exhausted stag after rut pixabay free image
‘Antlers in the Rut’ what’s that all about then?

The Stags start growing their antlers around mid-April, and by mid-September, they proudly show off a completely new set!!  But why…??  Well, two main reasons – to attract a mate or two (let’s be honest, they do look pretty impressive) and to fend off and battle with other Stags that have similar ideas….

Amazingly, with the right diet, heavy in proteins and minerals, the antlers can actually grow up to an inch a day!!  And yes, in general, the larger the antlers (more points) therefore the older the Deer.

It’s a busy old time for the Stags whilst growing these natural wonders. They must gorge on any available food and get themselves in peak condition prior to the breeding season (the ‘Rut’) at the same time using up valuable energy battling with other Stags. It is the most important time of the year in a deer’s calendar and happens all over the world. Deer Battle For Dominance | Wild Japan | BBC

What Happens After The Deer Rut?

Once the Rut is over, usually around mid-November, the Stags are totally exhausted and in very poor condition having eaten little if anything whilst maintaining their harem of ladies and day to day challenges from other aspiring Stags.

The Stags winter is spent regaining the lost condition, eating as much as is available to ensure they are ready to repeat the whole cycle again the following year.

This film tells the story about nature in the Barycz River valley and enormous Milicz ponds. This area is located in the south-western part of Poland (in the middle of Europe).

Do Deer Antlers Fall Off Naturally?

Yes, antlers naturally fall off (often referred to as ‘cast’ or ‘shed’) in March or April and there are often a few days/miles between the first and second antler being cast, therefore making it incredibly difficult to find a matching pair!!

Then of course – we’re back to April, go to the top of the page, read all over again, and so it goes on, year after year.

Thank you, Mr. Stag, for unwittingly sharing your magnificent creation. So it is a proven fact that the antler you buy your dog is grown with care, thoroughly crash-tested on other stags then discarded when not needed.

We are not harming the planet by wasting them as we recycle them. Have you ordered yours?

‘Antlers in the Rut’ what’s that all about then? John Palmer-Snellin. Director

BUY NOW Easy, Quick Delivery and John’s happy to answer questions.

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Hedgehog Rescue and Hibernation

Hedgehogs getting ready for winter Pixabay free image

Hedgehog rescue and hibernation weights are a passion of mine at the moment. It all started when we realised we had 5 hedgehogs visiting our garden.

Hedgehogs are one of the few mammals that are true hibernators. Hibernation is complicated. It is often a perilous energy conservation strategy. It is not just ‘going to sleep.’

In sleep, all bodily functions remain nearly normal but in hibernation, the metabolism is almost at a standstill. During hibernation, hedgehogs drop their body temperature to match their surroundings and enter a state of torpor. This allows them to save a lot of energy but slows down all other bodily functions making normal activity impossible.

Look Out For Hedgehogs

Those hedgehogs visiting your garden over the next month will be trying to get as much body fat built up as possible. As a result, they will be ready to hibernate. Therefore please do keep providing food and water for your visiting hedgehogs.

Please note that hedgehogs are nocturnal animals and ordinarily will not be out and about during daylight hours. If you do see one, there is every likelihood that it is in some kind of difficulty and may require professional assistance.

As with every rule, there are always exceptions and if the hog that you’ve spotted looks very active and busy please try to observe before intervening. Don’t forget that we are dealing with live, wild creatures and each case will be different.

Hedgehog house stage 1

My Design Tips For Hedgehog Houses

Why not consider building a lovely hedgehog house for them to overwinter…!!! Find a couple of old 12 bottle wooden wine crates, attach a 15x13x30cm tunnel to keep out cats and other predators.

John's homemade hedgehog house

Fill the house with hay/leaves, place it in the corner of the garden and cover with logs/leaves – they’ll find it – JOB DONE!!!


How Big Do They Need To Be To Survive Winter?

Hedgehog at winter weight ready for hibernation

Sadly, Hedgehogs who are less than 600 – 650 grams by the end of October are too small to hibernate and are unlikely to survive the winter. However, here in the South, if it remains mild this can be stretched on into November.

Once we have a frost, any hogs under 600g will be in trouble. If you see a small hedgehog after October it is in serious trouble. You can help it in its desperate hunt for food to increase its weight. Only by being heavy enough can it hibernate and survive. By November all its natural food is declining.

Underweight Hedgehogs Need Help

These hedgehogs must be rescued and over-wintered by a suitably equipped hedgehog rescue/carer. If you should find such a hedgehog pick it up and place it into a high sided, escape-proof box.

Fill a hot water bottle or a pop bottle with hot water and wrap it in a towel. Place the towel-wrapped hot water bottle or pop bottle in the bottom of the box and pop the hedgehog in next to it. Place another towel over the hedgehog and close the box – be aware, hedgehogs can climb out of boxes!

Websites Where You’ll Find Further Information About How to Help Hedgehogs

(1) The Tiggywinkles wildlife hospital has a detailed list of the most common ways hedgehogs die, which includes popular garden products such as pesticides, garden wire/string amongst other items.

(2) Founded in 1982 the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, a registered charity offers help and advice to those with sick, injured or orphaned hedgehogs and maintains a list of rehabilitators based in the UK.

(3) Hedgehog Street has over 60,000 registered members. Check out their site and see how you can get involved.

(4) The Wildlife Trusts has a helpful section about how to help a hedgehog in distress.

(5) The People’s Trust for Endangered Species has a ten-year action plan to tackle issues facing rural and urban hedgehogs.

(6) The Hedgehog has more in-depth information about how to help hedgehogs, including what to do in an emergency and a useful links section.


We have been contacted by a lovely lady called Claire who is also passionate about hedgehogs. She published a brilliant article to help educate and assist Britains favourite wild animal. There is a real cry for help from hedgehog rescues to get people fostering our little 4 legged friends. Read her helpful tips here.

Her further information includes the topics below and the links to organisations.

Hedgehog Rescue and Hibernation – Oct 2019

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Have You Got Hedgehogs and Dogs?

A Prickly Situation……

Have you got hedgehogs and dogs living side by side in your garden? Have you looked at night with a torch? Apart from dogs (and quite a few other animals if I’m honest), I have a particular fascination with – Hedgehogs (aka ‘Hedgepigs’, ‘Lil Hogheads’, ‘Spikey Monkey’ etc……)

Theses amazing, elusive, odd-looking little creatures do SO MUCH good in the garden!!!  Their nightly diet consists mainly of slugs and snails (urghhh!!!), and they go about their business without most of us knowing they’re even there.

small hedgehog pixabay free image
Small hedgehogs will not make it through the winter

Dogs’s First Encounter With Hedgehogs

Until maybe our canine companions give us a tip off……  Many dogs’ first encounter with our prickly friends is something of a stand-off, after all – WHAT have they actually just found….!!!??  So they generally stand there, on point, probably barking, probably not quite knowing what to do next. 

Most will probably investigate further until that mobile pin-cushion lets them know that this is probably gonna hurt…..  In many cases, a few spikes to the nose gets the message across and both parties agree that they’re not meant for each other.

Unfortunately, though, many of the larger and stronger breeds (and also some of the working Terriers) will see this as a threat/challenge and take it further. 

Hedgehog Rescues Do An Amazing Job

Our local hedgehog rescue center currently has 109 residents and approximately a third of them are suffering from dog bites and associated injuries.  Even though the hedgehog will naturally ‘ball up’ at any hint of danger, many dogs will still pick them up or paw them causing injury and untold stress. When the spikes hit home in a dog’s mouth, many will have a natural instinct to bite harder which very often proves fatal for our little hedge-dwelling friend.

Hedgehogs In Decline

Hedgehog populations in the UK are declining at an alarming rate. We have lost around a third of our hedgehogs in the last 20yrs.  As a result, hedgehogs are now classified as an ‘endangered species’. But you can help with some simple tips – Check Out Winterwatch’s advice for your garden.

Hedgehogs and Dog Dangers

The best way to prevent dog attacks and dog bite wounds in your garden is to ideally keep the dog out of the garden at night. If you do need to let it out, then keep it on a lead. Always check for hedgehogs first, scan around with a torch. Turn an outside light on before you go out, which will also help to encourage any hedgehogs to move away.  If your dog is paying particular attention to that log pile, the bottom of that hedge, or that pile of leaves, it could very well be that Mr. or Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle is is in residence……..

Have you got hedgehogs and dogs? Written by John Snellin

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Dog Treats Made Easy

Retriever with Stagler deer antler dog chew

Dog Treats Made Easy

So, what are they – a reward for ‘being good’, a pacifier, a training aid, or just because you’re getting ‘those eyes’ or because ‘you’re worth it’…….???

Ultimately, all of the above are potentially a good enough reason – apart from perhaps the pacifier, because if that’s the only route to pacify your pooch, then something earlier and more elementary has gone wrong and believe me, they’ll work that out in minutes and keep coming back for more – e.g. we all know of that dog that will fetch a ball, bring it back to your feet, drop it, nudge it until you throw it again, and again – and again……..potentially for the next 8 hours.

Do We Treat Dogs As Humans?

Cute dog with stagler

I guess we could make comparisons here to the human+human world – How many children are given a treat for ‘being good’….??? (and this can range from eating their dinner to doing their homework to passing their exams), how many times is a child seen with a pacifier (dummy), or perhaps, more worryingly, how many times is a treat used as a training aid. ‘If you sit quietly for the rest of the journey, we’ll go get a McDonalds’ (other fast-food outlets are available…..).  Saying that, in terms of our canine companions, a treat can be used as an invaluable training aide. Firstly, you only have to watchdog agility classes, gundog, and even police dog training.  Secondly, do we not generally ‘treat’ our loved ones when it comes to Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc. etc…..???

Confusing isn’t it……

Personally, I think balance and moderation are key. – ‘TREATS’, be they to our beloved pets or our human equivalent, always have their place.  Society has become an environment where ‘treats’ are the norm – Had a productive year at work??  Met those targets?? – here, have a pay rise….. HOWEVER – we don’t get a pay rise for just turning up (remember back to the 8-hour ball throwing…??).

Treats have their place

take a moment to reflect on how miserable life would be without the odd treat – a totally forgotten birthday or anniversary?? No recognition for all that time and effort put into a particular task??  Make them count, make them special, and on the odd occasion –  

‘just because they’re worth it’…….

Dog treat in the back of the car
Keep me happy in the back of the car, please!

Dog Treats Made Easy by John – to see the range we offer check out our home page.

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From little acorns, mighty vets bills will grow’

Autumn winter acorn

‘From little acorns, mighty vets bills will grow’…….

I know of several dogs who just love to chase around with an acorn, dropping it, picking it up, repeat again, and again, and again…..

Whilst this behavior is, in the main, quite safe. After all, nature has just provided a whole new natural toy box. Remember there are inherent dangers if our furry friends start to explore the acorn that bit further.

Acorns contain ‘tannins’ which are potentially quite serious if a dog ingests them.

Exposure to acorns

In the autumn/winter months is obviously common.  If ingested, however, the Tannic Acid (‘tannins’) can cause damage to both the liver and kidneys. I should also mention a possible intestinal blockage – the very least that can happen here is – VETS BILLS, and one very unhappy, poorly dog.

Signs that your best friend may have eaten something from the squirrel’s larder could include – vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, lack of appetite and general lethargy.

The large and giant breeds can probably accommodate eating the odd acorn now and then, but it’s certainly not to be recommended.  The small and toy breeds are the ones who will suffer the most, even by consuming just one acorn.

What Do I Do If I Am Worried?

If you do see this happen or believe your dog is showing some of the above signs (especially if you know the dog’s environment contains acorns), then you must provide as much freshwater as possible and contact your vet immediately for specialist advice.

Obviously, the sensible advice would be to not allow your dog access to an environment with acorns. But many favourite walks have these potentially interesting, alternative and tasty (at the time) autumn treats.  Subsequently, that can be far easier said than done, due to many of us walking our dogs off lead in woodland. You may even have oak trees in our own garden.

As with so many aspects of our relationship with our canine best mates, we come back to the same old basics of – control, monitoring, observation, and awareness.

I wonder if a squirrel gets a stomach upset if it eats dog food……????

Author: John Palmer-Snellin, Director

from oak trees come acorns
Green Acorns will turn brown before they drop to the floor