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Are Dogs An Anti-Aging Cure?

Are Dogs An Anti-Aging Cure

Are dogs an anti-aging cure? We believe so! The benefits of a companion dog in later life are well documented. A proven recipe for the wellbeing of both dog and owner.  Loneliness, as we grow older, is a real and present danger and one that could potentially be addressed with the inclusion of a four-legged friend.

We probably all know someone, maybe a relative or close friend who feels empty after the passing of a loved one or partner.  Maybe those elderly parents feel that they have an empty home after the children have flown the coup and are making their own lives…..  Fear not – help is at hand (or possibly on four legs……)

Likewise, countless dogs are out there in rescue centres wondering if they’ll ever find their forever dog-friendly home – I see matchmaking and love blossoming here…..

What Are The Benefits?

That well-matched pooch could well bring a new lease of life to the household and even a reason for getting up each morning.  It might be just mutual closeness and affection during those evenings when both parties want nothing more than to cuddle up on the sofa and feel appreciated……

A fluffy four-legged reason to leave the house even – It’s so easy to become something of a recluse as we grow older if we have no other commitments or incentives to do otherwise.  Just a short walk or two each day will repay huge dividends – exercise, fresh air, interaction with others – A PURPOSE…..

What If I Can Not Walk For Long Distances?

Some of the smaller breeds require very little exercise but the attention and affection they can give during those long lonely evenings are immeasurable.

Obviously the ‘match’ has to be right and rescue centers, in particular, are well-practiced at this and will work very hard to ensure that the pairing works for all concerned.

Are Dogs An Anti-Aging Cure?

It’s not all plain sailing of course – I have elderly relatives who have had dogs most of their married life until the last (black lab) passed away about 5yrs ago. They also had very fond memories of a Jack Russel they had many many years ago and after much thought and deliberation – sourced a new ‘Jack’ pup…..

Love Conquers All

Well, he settled in rather well, became part of the day to day household and gave them both so much joy.  Until THAT day, whilst spinning like a whirling dervish on his lead as only a Jack Russel pup can do, he tripped up the lady of the house, she fell – and ended up with a broken leg…..!!!  The beautiful footnote to this story is – she absolutely adores him, places no blame his way, wouldn’t change him for the world – and actually had tears in her eyes when he greeted her on her return from hospital……..

Are Dogs An Anti-Aging Cure by John Snellin CALL TO ACTION

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