Antler chews for dogs

antler chews for dogs

Here at Staglers our antler chews for dogs are 100% natural and 100% healthy for your furry friends, we hold eco-sustainability at our hearts so that your dogs can enjoy amazing tasty treats while not harming the environment.

Why are they so healthy?

Our dog chews are naturally healthy as they contain no preservatives, no artificial flavours or colours, these precious and wonderful treats are cast of by deer in the wild and then picked up by us and sent to your door. Not only do they provide extra nutrition like calcium to promote strong bone growth but they also act as a natural dental chew meaning that they scrap of plaque and keep your dogs teeth clean and healthy.

What sizes are there?

Antlers come in all shape and sizes just like dogs but we make sure that every dog gets an equal opportunity to enjoy our antler chews for dogs. Every Antler is hand picked and cut to size by myself to ensure that everyone is a fair and equal size, but we understand that it can be quite confusing to guess what size your dog needs so here at Staglers we have a size guide chart just for you.

Staglers dog size chart