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2014 Year starts well for Staglers deer antler stock

2014 year starts well for Staglers deer antler stock.

Staglers Dog Chews
Staglers chews ready for 2014
walking sticks
walking sticks

After a wonderful Christmas we are pleased to say there are plenty of antler from last year awaiting John’s attention to cut. Our Staglers deer antler stocks are good and trade customers can be assured of top quality, grade A antler during the spring.

This is a good reason to tell your stockist or pet retailer to contact us direct at and we can stock them!

We are really impressed with the creativity of our customers. Antlers have traditionally been used for stick making, furniture, light fittings, handicrafts, knife handles and pen making. The antlers from last spring or approximately a year old are often the best.

The 2014 year will see Staglers expecting a quieter period around May as the beautiful antlers the deer used for the rut (mating season) are starting to fall off in the Spring. The current weather makes that feel a long way off, but nature will prevail and the antlers will be ready to harvest from the ground. That is what makes them so eco-sustainable and exciting.


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